Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Varberg to Berlin

Day 2 of my trip to Spain starts in Varberg
 My hotel is just next to the station, in fact I had a view of the railway from my window
 I'm taking the first train in order to make it to Berlin.
 Varberg station
 Free coffee for 1st class travellers
 I'm getting off in Helsingborg, so I can take a ferry to Denmark

 HH Ferries and Scandlines on this route is now called ForSea

 Leaving Sweden and Helsingborg

 Helsingør on the other side

 One of the newly refurbished X31/ET Öresundståg trains

 New luggage space
 1st class compartment has new chairs and new seat placements

 Travelling on Kystbanen (Coast line)

 X31 4504 at Copenhagen Central

 Track 26 normally used by X2 trains to Sweden
 My next train is EC to Hamburg
New service is available in Denmark where it is possible to view the train compositions
 IC3 5087
 The train is almost full, here I am passing by Eskilstrup station - which was totally rebuilt in 2018
 Time to board the ferry
 The weather is grey and cold, so there is not much view today
 I have learned that from timetable change in December 2019 there will not be any more services through this route and with trains using the ferry, so this might be one of the last times for me to take this route

 The train is connected with the ferry

 I have made everything on time so far, and now I'm in Hamburg

 My next train is ICE 1605 to Berlin
Germany railways has also made it possible to view the train composition directly in the smartphone
 Here it is - ICE-T train
 Time for a beer
 The trip is very short compared to the previous one. 283km between Hamburg and Berlin is covered with 1h45min compared to 334km between Copenhagen and Hamburg that took 4h41min

 Night train from Berlin to Vienna is on top platform
 The view from my hotel room
 Hello Berlin

 Unter den Linden covered with Christmas lights

 Equestrian statue of Frederick the Great

 Christmas market is offering wide range of food and drinks, including the famous glühwein

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