Saturday, December 1, 2018

Älvkarleby, Mehedeby, Tobo, Tierp

The winter is here, which means that I won't travel too far due to early sunset. Today's trip goes to Uppland.
 Sculpture "Bullen" by Bitte Jonason Åkerlund seen on my way to the station
 Stockholm C is ready for Christmas

 Snälltåget to Malmö

 My train is an X40 to Gävle

 Gävle C

 Gävle is also prepared for Christmas

 I have time before my next train, so I'm taking a walk in the old town of Gävle

 Traditional Gävle goat
 This year the goat is protected by 24h security to prevent it from being burnt
 Christmas market

 X52 9033 Upptåget
 My next stop is Älvkarleby

 Great hall
 On my way from the station I'm passing through Laxön area
 "Silverspringare" by Camilla Bergman (1992)

 Many warnings here due to a nearby hydro electric power plant

 Power plant in Älvkarleby was built in 1915

 The bridge of Carl XIII

 Bridge was completed in 1816

 A lean-to shelter for the fishermen

 Älvkarleby hotel

 Music pavilion

 Memorial for general Abraham Leijonhufvud

 Art gallery

 My next stop is Mehedeby
 East coast railway was upgraded to double track standard between 1991-1997 until Älvkarleö

 Dragon gate is located in Mehedeby

 Old national road was passing here before construction of the new E4 highway

 Hopefully at the same time next year there will be new double deck EMU's operating on this line for Upptåget service

 My next stop is in Tobo


 The old railway was passing here once



 Last stop before my ride home is in Tierp

 Tierp station

 Decorative lights

 Inside the Upptåget train

 Some trains from Uppsala are terminating here in Tierp instead of Gävle

X40 back to Stockholm

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