Saturday, December 8, 2018

Skinnskatteberg, Fagersta

It is the worst time of the year - it is dark, the winter is not yet white and there is still long time before summer, so I'll make today's trip short around the Berglagen area.
 Stockholm Central early in the morning
 SJ Intercity train to Falun
 I get off in Avesta Krylbo
 Rc6 1388

 Avesta Krylbo station

 Tåg i Bergslagen train from Gävle to Örebro
  I'm on my way from Avesta Krylbo to Skinnskatteberg
 Karbenning station

 Bergslagspendeln line connecting here before Fagersta

 X54 9056 "Putte Wickman" in Skinnskatteberg

 Train 5966 Hallsberg-Ånge

 Rc4 1193
 T44 278

 Today is also the worst possible weather, it is a mixture between rain and snow

 Skinnskatteberg Folkest Park (People's park)

 Setra wood production facility in Skinnskatteberg
 I'm changing my plans a bit, and returning earlier from Skinnskatteberg by taking a bus
 The line 500 is operating between Skinnskatteberg and Avesta/Krylbo via Fagersta and Norberg.
 After a short trip I'm in Fagersta
 One of the central streets in Fagersta


Fagersta brukssamhälle & bruksmuseum, The Fagersta ironworks community from the 1950’s.

 Former Fagersta station, since 1947 Fagersta norra

 On the other side of the railway is the industry facilities of Fagersta, since 1984 part of Fagersta stainless AB

 Kolbäcksån river

 One of the locks of Strömsholms canal, this one is named after Kronprinsen Gustav Adolf
 This village is called "andra sidan" (the other side)

 Automatic block signalling is being installed on the Fagersta-Ludvika line, it will be completed in 2022
 X14 3231 is arriving to Fagersta N


 V5 182 and 171 diesel locomotives in Smedjebacken

 All X14 trains for Tåg i Bergslagen were previously used by Östgötapendeln, the pictures in these train are still a reminder of the past
 Arriving to Ludvika

 My next train is an X51 9024 ( to the right)

 X51 9024 in Storvik
 One of my favourite stations in Sweden looks good even at this time of the year

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