Saturday, December 15, 2018


Today I'm making a short trip to Jönköping
Christmas decorations at Stockholm C
X2 train to Malmö

X2 trains for Malmö/Köpenhamn do now usually stop at Katrineholm, but this one does, and it is a long stop - 20 min
The reason is that there is bridge construction near Norrköping, so the train is taking another route through Hallsberg and Motala
Due to timetable adjustments our train has to let other trains pass, like this one
X74 MTR Express to Göteborg do not stop in Katrineholm
The railway to Norrköping (to the left) would be the usual route, but not this time

Another unusual stop is in Hallsberg
Nobody seems to get off or on here in Hallsberg
Today I'm trying the warm food that is available on board X2 train - pasta with tomato and pesto
A microwave oven is available in the bistro coach

Lake Vättern

In Mjölby there are many passengers that would normally get on this train in Norrköping or Linköping

Christmas tree in Nässjö
"Do something"

After a short ride from Nässjö with this Krösatåg - I have reached Jönköping

"Junebäcksmonumentet" by John Lundqvist.
Henrik Karnell memorial at Stadsparken

Sofia church

Christmas dogs parade - collecting money for the Musikhjälpen aid programme.

Old city hall

Kulturhuset Spira

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