Saturday, September 1, 2018

Tågdagarna i Landeryd

This year I decided to visit the annual event called "Tågdagarna i Landeryd" which is taking place for the eighth time. It is an event arranged by Railway museum in Landaryd with heritage trains.
 Since the event is far away from Stockholm, I'm taking a train on Friday evening, and staying one night in Jönköping. SJ is operating this single direct service from Stockholm-Jönköping on all days except Saturdays. From end of Mars it will also be possible to travel with SagaRail. Otherwise, there is a need to change trains in either Nässjö or Falköping/Skövde.
 The trip taked 3h38min
 Passing by Linköping
 X55 train is doing its maximum speed on the line between Linköping and Mjölby
 From Nässjö the train is changing its direction for the last part until Jönköping

 Final stop - Jönköping
 It has been a warm and dry summer, and now it is time for some rain.
 Train 42586 from Jönköping godsbangård to Falköping
 The train is operated by Real Rail and Rc4 from Nordic Re-Finance

 After a night in Stora Hotellet I'm on my way visiting the Railway event in Landeryd.
 Lake Vättern
 X50 3293 and X53 3262 from Västtåg

 Y32 1407 Krösatåg for service Jönköping-Halmstad
 I'm taking this train to Smålandsstenar
 Y32 is a 3-car version of Bombardier Itino DMU

 Krösatåg services connects Småland and Halland regions
 Passing by Jönköping godsbangård


 There is 5 minute stop in Värnamo

 Jönköpings länstrafik card reader
 Arriving to Smålandsstenar
 Two trains are operating on the route Smålandsstenar-Landeryd-Torup. One with a steam and another with a diesel locomotive.
 Diesel locomotive is a TMX 1004 from Svensk Tågkraft. It was manufactured in 1960 by Nohab.
 Smålandsstenar station

 Besides the TMX 1004, there are also coaches B1S 4814, A2 5053, and AB3K 4873

 Inside the A2 coach
 B1S was originally a 2nd Class B1 coach, but it was rebuilt to a restaurant coach by Nässjö Railway Association

 The election in Sweden is in just one week, the local campaigns are basically everywhere

 There is a possibility to buy a coffee and snacks onboard

 Arriving to Landeryd

 Both trains are meeting here

 The other train is hauled by a steam locomotive SJ E2 1092
 SJ E2 1092 is also from Nässjö Railway Association and it is manufactured in 1911

 There is also a heritage bus service to/from Hyltebruk
 Time for departure

 Tickets can be purchased at each of the 3 stations
 I'm continuing the journey to Torup with the same train

 Due to that the railway has a single track, our train had to wait for the regular Krösatåg service here in Landeryd

 Arriving to Torup

 TMX 1004 is switching direction here

 Local representatives from main political parties here in Torup

The train I came with is now leaving Torup

 Y1 1299 is operating the short line to/from Hyltebruk
 Inside Y1 1299. It was manufacture in 1980 by FIAT and it now also belongs to Nässjö Railway Association.

 The branch railway to Hyltebruk does not have any regular passenger services since 1996

 The old station in Rydöbruk

 Nissan river

 Hyltebruk station

 Local grocery is offering to smoke own meat

 I'm taking same train back to Torup

 Steam train has already arrived to Torup

 This steam locomotive was unused between 1971 and 2013
 SJ E2 class locomotives were used for express trains to the north and south of Sweden and had a top speed of 65km/h

Second train had following cars: B1K 5114, B1 4901, R2 5184, B5 4932, S17d 55140

 Suddenly all town was covered in black smoke

 I'm leaving this event and heading to Halmstad with this Y1 1405

 Halmstad station is expected to be reconstructed by 2025, see Etapp 3

 X31 Öresundståg

 I'm taking X55 to Göteborg

 After leaving Halmstad, there is finally sunny weather
Most of the trip is a fast journey with top speed
 Not far from Göteborg our train is stopped for almost 1 h due to "people on the tracks"
 X55 at Göteborg

 From Göteborg, I'm taking X40 train to Laxå
 A stop at Falköping
 X74 MTR Express


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