Friday, September 21, 2018

Runsala, Jakobshyttan, Godegård, Motala, Laxå

I'm on my weekend trip to the central Sweden and today I'm visiting some places along the "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" railway between Hallsberg and Motala.
 The railway has been recently upgraded to double track between Stenkumla and Runsala.
Here is a photo taken near Joxtorp.
 At Runsala (Rus) the railway was rebuilt to a more straight route than before
 This part of the railway is thus completely new

 Before the railway was located around this hill

 Somebody picking mushrooms, not many people around here otherwise

 First train today for me is this Green Cargo 42333 from Boden to Nässjö

 Rc4 1153 and 1160

 A milestone on the road between Mariedamm and Godegård

 While driving to my next location I could catch up same train I saw earlier

 At Jakobshyttan I spot train 95187
 It is a class Tb manufactured by Nohab in 1969. Tb is a diesel-electric locomotive built for combined freight and snowploughing service.
 DLL 3104 from Infranord

 Train 95304 from Alvesta to Kristinehamn
 Tågab Rc2ÖBB 007

 Tågab TMZ 108

 Small lake near the railway

 Godegård had a station house until 1975
 Today there is only a technical facility
 Train 5360 from Nässjö to Hallsberg
 Rd2 1093
 Td 411

 Godegård mansion
 From Wikipedia: "The Grill's estates at the village of Godegård, the manor and the ironworks, dominated the community during the 18th century. Mining had been done in the area as early as in the Middle Ages, and by the early 17th century, an ironworks was already established at Godegård. The ironworks was bought by Louis De Geer in 1618. He improved and expanded the factories and recruited skilled Walloons iron workers to teach the Swedes how to use a finery forge. When he died, the ironworks and the first manor passed on to his son Jean De Geer. After a fire in 1719, the new manor was built. It was completed in 1725."

"Settling down in Sweden after his profitable journeys to China, Jean Abraham was looking for something to invest in. He started negotiations for the purchase of land, manor and factory at Godegård, at that time the largest ironworks in Östergötland, and bought them all in 1775. Jean Abraham continued the expansion of the ironworks and made significant restoration of the manor. He also built an English garden, designed by Fredrik Magnus Piper, with several gazebos in a Chinese style. The ironworks was closed in 1896, but the manor remained in the Grill family until 1980. It became a listed building in 1977. Jean Abraham collected all of his letters, accounts and notes in an archive at Godegård, now known as the Godegård Archive. As of 2003, the archive, containing over 7,000 document, is in the Nordic Museum. It has been digitized and is available on line as result of a request from the Macau Historical Archives in 2003."

 Godegård church

 Degerön had also a station until 1975
 The railway between Mjölby and Degerön was upgraded to double track in 2012
 From Degerön and northward the railway is a single track. The plan is to upgrade this part until Hallsberg before 2025.

 Motala verkstad station house
 Here is a photo of the station in 1938
 Last time I was here in 2015, it was even possible to enter the building, but not anymore


 While I'm in Motala, I take advantage to visit the second largest lake in Sweden - Vättern
 At Råssnäsudden it is possible to get near the lake

 It is a very windy day, the storm named Knud entered Sweden from the west with wind speeds up to 30m/s at the west coast, but it was "only" around 20m/s at this part of Sweden.
 The storm brought not only strong wind, but also unusually warm temperatures for this time of the year.

 It's very windy

 Somebody living near the lake

 Motala bridge which opened in 2013
 Build a house for a bird
 Train 66457 from Moradal (Ånge) to Malmö Gbg
 Rc4 1145

 Pedestrian bridge over the railway near Motala
 I found a spot where it's possible to view both the lake and the railway
 LKW Walter truck which I normally see loaded on freight trains
 Östgötapendeln train from Motala to Norrköping


 Mushroom season is here

 At the end of the day, I'm visiting some spots near Laxå and Västra Stambanan, Western mainline


 Train 6604 from Kristinehamn to Hallsberg is taking a turn from Värmlandsbanan on the Västra Stambanan railway.

 Rc4 1200
 X54 9056

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