Saturday, September 22, 2018

Björneborg, Skattkärr, Hult

After the storm Knud during the night many trains got stuck on their way or had to take another route. On this day I was planning to visit Bergslagsbanan to see some Cargonet trains, but to my surprise I could see them on Värmlandsbanan.
 When I arrived to Björneborg train 59937 was waiting here.

 This Cargonet train had to take another route due to that the Bergslagsbanan was closed.
 It is waiting here on the passing loop for another train
 As most Cargonet trains, this is one has the route from Narvik to Alnabru through Sweden.
 185 714 Traxx F140 AC2 from Railpool
 There is also another train on the second passing loop here in Björneborg

 Ma 876 operated by Svensk Tågkraft AB

 Back to the Cargonet train. Destination is Alnabru outside Oslo

 Both trains were waiting for this Hectorrail train 59845 from Stockaryd to Grums
 243 103 Vectron AC

 The train is loaded with wood, that is going to Billerudkorsnäs Gruvöns Bruk paper industry

 Metodist church next to the railway in Björneborg
 Next stop is Väse
 Also here in Väse, all tracks are occupied by waiting and passing trains. Here is Green Cargo train 45935 from Älmhult to Norway
 Cargonet train 59940 from Kil to Ställdalen, which is the diverted route for this Arctic Rail Express

 185 709 Traxx F140 AC2

 Rd2 1031

 Green Cargo train 42988 from Kil to Ställdalen
 This train has a delay of 632 minutes here in Väse
 Rc4 1283

 Finally green light for Green Cargo train 45935, which is 681 minutes delayed

 Trafikverket had plans to modernise the station here in Väse and built a third rail track, but due high costs the project was postponed.
 It was decided to not demolish this beautiful station

 The harbour in Skattkärr
 The railway is passing next to the Swedish Agro facility

 The station in Skattkärr was demolished in 1969
 In 2015 the passing loop track was extended with the length of 100m in order to fit the 750m long trains.
Train 612 from Karlstad to Stockholm
X2 2012

Green Cargo train 16849 from Borlänge to Trelleborg is taking this redirected route through Skattkär

Rd2 1097 and 1030

It has some international freight cars, here is one Railion from Germany
B-Cargo from Belgium
Rail Cargo Austria

Tågab train 7002 from Kristinehamn to Karlstad and later to Göteborg

Rc3 1066
ABS2 coach
The other coaches are B5, B1 and BC2

Train 43934
Rd2 1093
Hectorrail 59845 which I saw earlier in Björneborg has reached Skattkärr. When the railway is a single track, it goes really slow with congested traffic.

Rd2 and Vectron meets here

Italian freight car

Cargonet 59937 has now also reached Skattkärr (I saw it earlier in Björneborg)

CFL train 97304 from Åmål to Iggesund
187 400 Traxx F160 AC3 LM from Railpool

Alster - somewhere here there was a station before
From Alster it is not far to Karlstad Välsviken
The beach in Alster

Alster mansion is now a museum of a famous Swedish poet and writer - Gustaf Fröding

Near Rudsberg, I can spot this train 41004
119 001 Traxx F140 AC2 from Alpha Trains Belgium, hired to Hector rail

Rudsberg church

Train 631

Train 68986 from Karlstad to Kristinehamn

Rc3 1041

It's still windy

After my train-spotting, I'm visiting Picasso sculpture in Kristinehamn

The sculpture is 15m tall and it was inaugurated in 1965, more info here
Lake Vänern

The aftermath of Knud storm

Moving further south to Revsand beach

Hult is a popular place for taking photos

The small town Hult was actually meant to be the end station for Köping-Hult railway, connecting the lakes of Mälaren and Vänern, but the plan was never realised.

The farm of Hygn

Värmlands Säby station

After a day of train-spotting and visiting of the lake Vänern, I'm back to Svartå

Rc4 1279 and 1279

Fallen trees

Train 636 Oslo-Stockholm

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