Saturday, August 19, 2017

Västervik, Hultsfred

Today I'm travelling to Västervik, where I will take the heritage narrow gauge train to Hultsfred. Smalspåret, is advertised as Scandinavia's longest narrow-gauge railway and it has railway services during summer months.
 I'm taking the train from Årstaberg in Stockholm, where I can spot recent railway re-construction, to the left is the track for long distance service that has been replaced with a bridge on the other side.
 Pendeltåg trains are now using a tunnel under the central part of Stockholm, this led to a re-construction of the railway at between Årsta and Älvsjö.
 On the other side of the platform is also a change, the tracks from Södermalm are now replaced with the ones coming from the new Årstabridge instead of the old one for Pendeltåg trains.
 I'm taking X2 train to Linköping, where it's a much better weather than in Stockholm.

 I was hoping to take the Kustpilen train from Linköping to Västervik, but it was replaced with a bus
 Passing by Åtvidaberg
 The station in Åtvidaberg

 Passing over the bridge in Västervik, the track is a combined railway for standard and narrow gauge

 Here it is - Kustpilen Y2 train, not operating due to the technical fault along the line to Linköping
 The train is an YBo5p from the 50's

 There are only few narrow gauge railways left in Sweden, Västervik-Hultsfred, Uppsala-Lenna, and Roslagsbanan. The latter one has regular railway services

 Manufactured by Hilding Carlssons Mekaniska Verkstad

 Two separate railway signals for each railway

 The standard and narrow gauge railways split near Jenny station




 Last stop is Hultsfred
 In Hultsfred - there is another standard gauge railway - Stångådalsbanan

 It is operated with Kustpilen trains between Linköping and Kalmar

 I'm going back to Linköping with Y2, local beer can be purchased on board
 The world of Astrid Lindgren children's park
 Södra Vi

 Y2 in Linköping
 X61 Östgötatrafiken
 I have some time before my train back to Stockholm, so I'm visiting Vikingstad to take some photos

 X61 trains operates here the line Norrköping-Motala

 Rc4 with freight train from Stockholm to Malmö

 Suddenly it starts to rain
 Hectorrail freight train from Katrineholm to Malmö and further to Germany

 After rain comes the sun
 And the rainbow
 Linköping has the 8th largest university in Sweden
 Flixbus is now operating in Sweden

 X12 3221 and 3192

 X12 3193 from Sala

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