Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Morlaix, Plymouth

Today I'm leaving France and heading to UK, my plan is to take a ferry to UK and later Eurostar train from UK. 
 After some cloudy days, the sun is finally up but not for very long, during my stay in UK it will be constantly raining. Here are Z-TER and TGV Atlantique trains.
 Regio 2N
 TGV Atlantique and TGV Duplex
 It's possible to play piano at french stations
 XGC diesel unit
 TER from Pays De La Loire
 My plan was to take TGV train from Rennes to Morlaix, and then TER to Roscoff. But due to the Montparnasse failure (3 days after) there were still cancelled trains, and today it was my turn. I had no other choice than to take a later TER train. Here are the passengers waiting for the announcement of the track for their train, for some reason this is done just some minutes before the departure...
 My train will be this Regio 2N from Bombardier which is now more and more common view in France
The train is both single level (where the doors are) and double level at the same time
1st class looks same as 2nd

 Leaving Rennes
 La Brohinière

 Passing next the English channel


 Passing at Viaduc du Gouet
 Interesting seat location in the train

 Passing on Viaduc de Morlaix
 I have arrived to Morlaix, the train continues to Brest

 Memory plate from World War 2.
 Morlaix station
 Unfortunately my next mean of transport will be bus to Roscoff, before the departure I have time to visit the town of Morlaix

 Viaduct from 1861 and it is 292m long

 Bus to Roscoff is operated by SNCF
 Arriving to the ferry terminal
 Shuttle bus from the terminal to the ferry
 The line between Roscoff and Plymouth is operated by Brittany Ferries and it takes 6h
 Travelling with style

 It's nice to be on a boat instead of a train for a change

 Arriving to UK, the weather is changing to rainy


 My hotel looks like a castle
 Smeaton's Tower

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