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Koblenz, Berlin to Malmö with Snälltåget (Berlin night express)

Today is the last day of my trip outside Sweden. I will first travel from Luxembourg to Koblenz in Germany, then Intercity train to Köln, then ICE train to Berlin. From Berlin I will take a night train to Malmö.
My first train is a Regional Express to Koblenz.
It is a Stadler Kiss train
The train has both 2nd and 1st class coaches. Here is 1st class
2nd class on the 2nd floor
Two Coradia Duplex trains at Luxembourg station.
Information about ERTMS implementation at the TEN-T corridor 2 route from Rotterdam to Lyon/Basel.
Leaving Luxembourg
Taking the Luxembourg-Wasserbillig railway built in 1861. Here is Betzdorf station
Wasserbillig station is the last one at the Luxembourg side

On the other side of the bridge is Germany

A longer stop in Trier. Our Stadler Kiss train is connected with a Stadler Flirt operated by SÜWEX (Southwest Express).
Alstom Lint DMU for DB Vareo service
The line from Trier to Koblenz is called Moselstrecke, following river Moselle. Here is Ehrang station.
Bicycles compartment
Here they are Kiss and Flirt.
River Moselle


Entering Kaiser Wilhelm Tunnel, 4205m long
Not many stops left before Koblenz

Wine yards

Looks like an airplane flying through the cloud
Last stop for this train in Koblenz
Koblenz station
Johannes-Mueller-Monument at the Jesuitenplatz

River Moselle meets Rhein
Memorial of German Unity at Deutsches Eck
On the other side of the Rhein river is Ehrenbreitstein Fortress
On the other side is also East Rhine Railway from Cologne to Wiesbaden. It is operated mostly by freight trains.
Here is Bombardier Traxx F140 AC2 from Alpha Trains with Schloss Philippsburg in the background.

Preußisches Regierungsgebäude
I'm back at the station, here is Siemens Desiro ML from TransRegio
Bombardier Dosto coach
My next train is an Intercity train to Cologne
To the left is Bombardier Traxx P160 AC2, to the right is DB Class 143 which is a DDR made locomotive from 1987
DR Class 143 has top speed of 120km/h
Traxx has 160km/h
Bombardier Talent DMU
Stadler Flirt
Intercity train is arriving

Approaching Köln
DUSS Terminal Cologne Eifeltor
Bombardier Traxx F140 MS from Lokomotion
Another F140 MS, operated by COBRA - Corridor Operations NMBS/SNCB DB Schenker Rail N. V., Bruxelles
Siemens Vectron
Bombardier Talent 2 for National Express

Arriving to Köln

ICE 3 train at Köln station

My next train is this ICE 2 train to Berlin

ICE 2 is the 2nd generation of German high speed trains, built in 1995 by Adtranz and Siemens.
Inside 1st class coach
Passing over Hohenzollern Bridge

Traxx Diesel
Kath.Kirchengemeinde St.Elisabeth und Vinzenz in Dusseldorf
Stadler Flirt (ET 7.03b) from Eurobahn, operates among other lines to/from Venlo in the Netherlands
Stadler Flirt 3 (ET 25) operated by Abellio Rail NRW, for service to/from Arnhem in the Netherlands
Hectorrail Class 162, formerly DB Class 151 is a locomotive from the 70's

Another ICE 2
A lunch at the train

MaK DE locomotive
Voith Gravita 10 BB
Next stop Bielefeld
SNCF Class BB 37000 from Alstom
Bombardier Traxx F160 AC3 LM
Stadler Kiss for Westfalenbahn
Bombardier Talent DMU for Eurobahn

Emperor William Monument (Porta Westfalica)
RE6 line Rhein-Weser-Express from Cologne to Minden
RE70 line Weser-Leine-Express from Bielefeld to Braunschweig
Next stop Hannover

Voith Gravita 15L BB
Siemens Eurorunner ER20
Arriving to Hannover

Alstom Coradia Continental operated by Enno metronom

Wolfsburg and the VW factory
Next stop Berlin Spandau
Stadler GTW operated by Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn (ODEG)

Berlin Spandau

Berliner Stadtbahn

Zoologischer Garten

Berlin Hbf

The train continues to Ostbahnhof

I have 30 min before my next train, since that train will not have any dining coach it's time to buy some food and drinks for the next trip

The next train is located at the underground level station
Until 2013 the line Berlin-Night-Express was operated by SJ, since 2013 Veolia (now Transdev) took over using the brand Snälltåget. The service is only operated during summer months and just some days per week. I remember taking this line back in 1997 when I did an Interrail trip with my school class, back then the train terminated at Ostbahnhof in Berlin and it was an SJ train.
The coaches are of type DSB BC-t from 60's and 80's. In 1998 they were rebuilt from day train to night train by adding beds in each compartment. The compartment is really small, and it's hard to see how 6 people can fit there. Snälltåget has an option to book the whole compartment if there are less than 6 passengers travelling together, however it is then necessary to pay for each empty bed, the price for whole compartment is about 200EUR one way.
There are 10 compartments in each coach, no shower

DB Class 109 or DR Class 211 is an DDR made locomotive from 1962. It is used here for the Berlin-night-Express route Berlin to Sassnitz (to the ferry).

Ready for departure
On the other side of the platform regional trains are departing frequently
Regional service to Rostock
Regional service to Rathenow

Leaving Berlin

DB Class 481

DB Class 485

Another 109

Talent 2
Suburbs in East Berlin

Vossloh G 2000 BB

It looks like something modern, but it's not. At least the air condition did not work

Traxx F140 AC2 hired to IGE - Internationale Gesellschaft für Eisenbahnverkehr GmbH & Co
Previously used by BLS Cargo in Switzerland
Stadler Regio-Shuttle RS1
East german fasade
Trolleybus line in Eberswalde

Another Traxx from Switzerland

Traxx F140 AC3 from RheinCargo
Traxx F140 AC


Due to the lack of space in each compartment, there is one compartment only for luggage

Time to go to bed soon
Bed sheets from Ikea

Arriving to Baltic Port Rail Mukran, about 3,5h after departing from Berlin. The ferry departs at 23:00, so it's important that the train is not delayed.
There is a platform here at the ferry terminal, but it's not allowed to get off. There are by the way no stops between Berlin and Malmö for this train. The German police is walking through the train and checking document randomly.

I can spot ICE-T trains here at Mukran (according to the latest info they have been sold to Thailand).
Our 109 locomotive is left here in Mukran
Entering the ferry
All cars are already on board
It's exciting, nobody went to bed

It's allowed to leave the train, but there it's also allowed to stay during all trip.
FS Sassnitz
The trip takes only 4h 15min from Sassnitz in Germany to Trelleborg in Sweden, making this ferry line trip the shortest one between Germany and Sweden, and probably the cheapest. Some passengers are sleeping on the deck

Some coaches are built in 1982. All are built in Denmark, Randers

Tomorrow my trip will continue to Malmö and back to Stockholm

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