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Höör, Eslöv, Teckomatorp, Kävlinge

Today I'm writing about my annual trip to Skåne (last year it was Denmark) which I have made at the end of August years 2015, 2016 and 2017. This time I will visit Södra Stambanan, Marieholmsbanan, Rååbanan and Västkustbanan railways in Skåne. Thanks to a well developed rail network in Skåne, it is possible to visit many stations in one day.
 Since Skåne is far away from Stockholm, I'm leaving on Friday evening and coming back on Sunday. I'll go directly from my job to the train station by taking metro blue line in Stockholm.
Since June 2017 it is possible to take new way from blue line to Stockholm C through the new Stockholm City commuter train station (the exit to the right).

I tend to visit the new Stockholm City station
Just like in metro line stations, there are art installations here.

The exit from Stockholm City to Stockholm Central
Stockholm Central main entrance
The new Stockholm City entrance
Statue of Nils Ericson - one of the founders of the railways in Sweden
Friday afternoon is usually a busy time at the train station, however this year there are much less trains, due to opening of the new pendeltåg (commuter trains) tunnel.
X55 to Jönköping
SJ Regional to Hallsberg
This Friday afternoon there is the usual XX:21 departure for Malmö.
But there is also 17:06 departure with less stops. This year this train has double X2 sets

Time for my train
Passing by Flen
Dinner is served, this time it is a noodle salad with chicken

Also this year the 17:06 train from Stockholm to Malmö is delayed. Sweden turns to be third worst country in Europe having delays in its railway system. 23% of the long distance trains were delayed in 2016, with an average delay of 29min. In my case is was 34min.
Snälltåget and SJ X2000 at Malmö Central
My hotel is just outside the station
Next morning I'm up early to take my first train
Vectron Snälltåget

X31 and X61 trains are the core in Skånetrafiken rolling stock

My first train is Pågatåg to Örtofta
Pågatåg system is changing every year, this year there are 3 main lines from Malmö, and 3 additional lines in other parts of Skåne.
I will be taking today all 3 lines (light blue coloured), first it is the line from Hyllie to Eslöv (usually this line continues to Kristianstad).

Örtofta station
The first Pågatåg line opened in 1983, and it was along the Södra Stambanan railway, including this station.
Öresundståg are passing by most of the stations between Lund and Hässleholm as regional services to Kalmar and Karlskrona.
Örtofta is famous for its sugar industry (Örtofta sockerbruk)

The town has only 283 inhabitants

Next stop for me is Stångby
Stångby got its first railway station in 1901

The old station house is still in place

I'm continuing my journey along SSB railway

Sösdala got its first station in 1859, but it was closed in 1980. In 2011 it was re-opened again with new platforms.

First train arrived 11:41 on 14th of May 2011
The old station designed by Adolf Wilhelm Edelsvärd

From Sösdala I'm taking next train to... Stehag.

Once there was a beautiful station here in Stehag, but it was demolished in 1980
SSB is used by freight trains, the line between Lund and Hässleholm is considered as one the most congested railway in Sweden, which is the reason why it will be prioritised when the new high speed railway network will be build and this section will be done first.
Rd2 and the freight train 5931 from Sundsvall to Malmö

Next is Tjörnarp
Walking trail suggestions near the station

Next stop is Höör which is operated by Pågatåg since 1987 (it was the end station back then).

Station in Höör

In 2013 the station was modernised
X31 was ordered by SJ and DSB back in 1999
Manufactured by ADtranz, later Bombardier
My next stop is Eslöv

Two Pågatåg lines are operating Eslöv, since December 2016 the line to Helsingborg through Teckomatorp is passing here.
Eslöv is a junction station for SSB and Marieholmsbanan railways

Marieholmsbanan is part of Rååbanan, and it is used by many freight trains to/from Helsingborg and Malmö.
Freight train 66487 from Helsingborg to Nässjö
Another Rd2

Since there is no triangular junction, the locomotive has to change direction

My next train is the other Pågatåg line from Simrishamn to Helsingborg (via Eslöv and Teckomatorp). This line take 1h4min from Malmö to Helsingborg. There is also a line through Landskrona, and it takes 57min from Malmö to Helsingborg.
Shortly before arriving to Teckomatorp, there is a junction with Lommabanan and Söderåsbanan. Here is a freight train waiting for our train to pass

Teckomatorp got Pågatåg services in 1983 as part of the Malmö-Ängelholm line.

The station here opened in 1886 and it was designed by Adrian C. Peterson

After Pågatåg train left, the railway is free for the freight train
It is Hectorrail freight train from Germany to Helsingborg hauled by 241 012 "Chewbacca" Traxx F140 AC2 locomotive

Vallarna in Teckomatorp

Street art in Teckomatorp

Teckomatorp is famous for a poison scandal. This is the area where BT Kemi factory was located.

Next train from Teckomatorp
Getting off in Billeberga. Before Västkustbanan was built between Lund and Helsingborg in 2001, the trains from Billeberga was taking a route to Landskrona which had a terminal station. That line is now removed, so I will take a bus from Billeberga to Landskrona.
The station has its own website

Landskrona "new" station
Opened in 2000
I'm visiting more stations today, to get to Rydebäck station I have to take Öresundståg to Helsingborg, then switch to Pågatåg
Pågatåg at Helsingborg
The station is Rydebäck opened in 2001

The town has modern architecture

From Rydebäck I'm continuing to Kävlinge

Kävlinge station has a similar (or almost same) architecture style as Teckomatorp

From Kävlinge I've arrived to Åkarp
The railway between Lund and Malmö is being rebuilt to have 4 tracks instead of 2. New and modern stations will be built. Here in Åkarp the new station will be placed in a tunnel, estimated time for completion is 2023.
The old station in Åkarp

I'm back to Malmö, a new day is waiting tomorrow, when I will visit stations along Västkustbanan in Skåne and Halland.

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