Saturday, April 15, 2017


Due to my earlier return from Norway, I've decided to join the annual Easter trip with heritage train from SÅS (Stockholms Ånglokssällskap).
 The trip took place from Liljeholmen to Södertälje hamn.
 Once the railway to Stockholm Central was passing through Liljeholmen

 SJ S1 is a steam locomotive from NOHAB (Nydqvist & Holm AB) and it was manufactured in Trollhättan. This one is from 1952 and it was used by SJ until 1973.

 There are 3 passenger coaches, one of them is SWB C5 or SJ B3c from 1908
Until 1956 there were 3 classes on trains, 3rd class had wooden seats.
SWB stands for Stockholm-Västerås-Bergslagens Järnvägar and it was a private railway company in Sweden between 1871 and 1944.
Here is ÖKJ Co from 1891. ÖKJ is Örebro-Köping Järnvägar

SÅS is a non-profit association started its operation in 1974
Liljeholmen had a passenger railway station between 1860 and 1929. Today the railway tracks leads to Cementa concrete depot.
Södermalm island is on the other side
Third coach is an SJ CF4 from 1907
Time to leave
For a short part the train is using Tvärbanan tram line tracks

We are now on the main line from Stockholm southbound
Meeting with an X60 Pendeltåg
It's a rare opportunity to see the railway from the inside
Tunnels for Grödingebanan high speed railway. Our train is taking the old line

Final stop is Södertälje Hamn

Södertälje hamn station built in 1921 and until 1995 serving long distance trains.
Finally, I'm posting photos of the cherry blossom trees in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm
Though it would be nice to see some sign of spring even though it's a winter weather during April.

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