Saturday, April 22, 2017


Today I'm heading to Oxelösund, where I will take heritage train arranged by FSVJ (Föreningen Södermanlands Veteran Järnväg). 
 First I'm taking an SJ Regional train to Nyköping.
 Arctic Circle Train has just arrived from the north to Stockholm.

 MTRExpress and Snälltåget trains ready for departure.

 Vectron locomotive hauling Snälltåget coaches.
 My train to Nyköping
 Högalids church
 Bridge over Årsta bay
 This Saturday is also a day for another heritage train trip, here in Flemingsberg a train from SKÅJ is heading to Karlstad.
 MA 405 locomotive from 1954

 The locomotive has max speed of 105km/h, so it have to let other trains pass here in Flemingsberg.
 Igelsta bridge

 Södertälje syd

 I'm in Nyköping
 Nyköping station
 Even though there is a railway between Nyköping and Oxelösund, there are no passenger trains operated here, instead I have to take a bus.
 Oxelösund has one of deepest harbours in Baltic sea

 Oxelösund station, non operating as a station since the 80's

 The line is only used by freight trains

 Sankt Botvids church, built in 1957
 My train today will be hauled by MA 408 from 1958

 The coaches are of type B8 from 1934 and 1937 and C4 from 1940.

 The trip is joined by groups visiting different sights in Oxelösund. I've only bought one return tickets without excursions.

 The locomotive is changing its direction

 Stjärnholms church
 A stop at Nyköping södra

 The railway is passing by next to the Nyköping station
 Nyköpingbanan railway is below, we are using OFWJ (later TGOJ) railway.

 Photographers along the route

 Stigtomta church

 A short stop here in Vrena

 Train driver ordered a pizza here
 Railway from Oxelösund to Eskilstuna opened 1877
 Bettna church
 Vadsbro church
 Messages in the train of how to behave

 Passing over Västra Stambanan railway
 Somewhere here there was a station - Flens övre
 Old depot
 Mellösa lake


 Between Flen and Eskilstuna, there are passengers train operating known as UVEN line.

 Passing loop at Bälgviken
 Green Cargo freight train to Oxelösund


 Arriving to Eskilstuna

 The train is turning around here

 UVEN line train


Back to Nyköping

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