Friday, March 25, 2016

Scandinavian circle 1 - Stockholm, Mora, Östersund

Since most of part of Sweden is already covered in this blog, I have decided to explore neighbouring countries by train. It will be partially done in series called Scandinavian Circle. The first circle is following a route from Stockholm to Mora, Östersund in Sweden, Trondheim, Dombås, Hamar, Oslo, Moss in Norway and back to Stockholm via Göteborg. A map of railways in Nordic countries can be found here.
 My journey starts as usual in Stockholm by taking SJ Intercity train to Mora.
 Today the IC train is consisting of Rc6 locomotive and 6 coaches B11, B7C, B7F, RB11, B11, A11
 Siljan lake and pier "Långbryggan" in Rättvik
 Final stop for this train: Mora
 From Mora, I'm taking Y1 train operated by Inlandsbanan AB. In the winter the train is branded as "Snötåget" (Snowtrain). This service between Mora and Östersund has been offered in the winter since 2012.
 According to this local news paper article the day I was travelling was all time high passenger record, 160 passengers. The train normally consisting of 1 Y1 coach, was doubled this day with 2 coaches.
 The driver cabin is open for luggage due to small space inside the coach.
 Due to that Inlandsbanan railway is non-electrified, diesel multiple unit is used here. Y1 is a diesel car from 1980's manufactured by Italian Fiat Ferroviaria. During many years, Y1 cars could be seen almost everywhere in Sweden, total number of about 100 units. Today, Y1 is operated only at Inlandsbanan and Kinnkullebanan. The rest have been sold to Croatia and Serbia.
 The coach I'm taking has Wi-Fi.
 To the right is the railway from/to Stockholm that I came from. Now we are going north.
 Roundhouse in Orsa
 Passing over one of the most spectacular bridges along Inlandsbanan - Storstupet.
 Inlandsbanan means a railway that runs through inner parts of Sweden. At the time it was built it was important to have a railway away from the coast, in case of the invasion. Unfortunately, this railway is not passing through many towns, most part of the journey the view is like above.
 After about 2 hours journey, the first stop is at Sveg - the only "large" town along this part of the line.
 Passing through a combined car and railway bridge - Mankellbron named after writer Henning Mankell.
 Sveg station

 The total length of Inlandsbanan is 1288km from Kristinehamn in the south to Gällivare in the north.
 The driver's cabin is open
 From the cabin the next station can be viewed
 Röjan is not a large village, 11 people live here. But in the winter time, the station is a changing point from the train to shuttle buses for one of largest ski resorts in Sweden - Vemdalen.
 Röjan station
 Snälltåget is operating a night train from Malmö to Åre, and 1-2 coaches to Röjan in the winter.

 Some stops have really short platforms, like this one in Kvarnsjö.
 The more to the north - the more snow

 At Brunflo, Inlandsbanan is connecting to electrified Mittbanan.
 Final stop for this train is Östersund.
 Snowtrain has got some snow on its front.

 Östersund Centralstation was built in 1879
 Diesel locomotive TMZ operated by Inlandsbanan.
 Östersund Vinterpark

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