Saturday, March 26, 2016

Scandinavian circle 1 - Östersund, Storlien, Trondheim

Today my trip continues from Östersund to Trondheim.
 Östersund C
 SJ Night train from Stockholm/Göteborg is arriving this early morning to Östersund.
 After having been a daily service through the years, this train will be reduced to peak season weeks in the summer and winter from April 2016 due to low passenger amount. For the rest of the year, there is a possibility to take daytime Intercity and Snabbtåg.
 Sleeping coach WL1 from 1960's is used in this train.
 Y1 Inlandsbanan train back to Mora and X62 Norrtåg to Storlien.

 Krokom old station house

 Trångsviken station
 Mittbanan (Central Line) is a railway from Sundsvall to Storlien and was built 1882.
 From Storlien, it is continuing as Meråkerbanen further to Trondheim in Norway. It is planned to be electrified, the construction will start 2017 and will be finished 2022.

 Åre is another popular ski resort (the other one Vemdalen mentioned in previous post)

 Duved is the last stop for night train and Intercity trains from Stockholm. An IC train is parked here to the left.
 Night train is parked here too.

 Last stop for X62 Norrtåget is Storlien. The railway is not electrified further west...
 ...So, the change for a diesel coach is necessary. Norwegian BM92 is operated from Storlien to Trondheim twice per day.
 Changing trains at the border is a very common view in many countries. After electrification 2022, it might be not necessary anymore.
 The highest point among all railways in Sweden is here, 600m above the sea.
 Driver's cabin in BM92. The train is manufactured by German Duwag in 1985, later the company was sold to Siemens. Top speed is 140km/h.
 Trains were refurbished 2005. Today they are operated around Trondheim area.
 The train between Norway and Sweden on this line is sometimes called Nabotåget, taken from Norwegian word for neighbour - nabo.

 The train is continuing to Heimdal after Trondheim.
 Storlien, as well as Duved, Åre is a ski resort.
 Shortly after departure from Storlien, the train is reaching Stora Helvetet (Big hell), which is a railway embankment 24m high and just above the important E14 road. In 2014 the railway here were closed due to movements of the embankment, after a year of renovations the railway was opened again 2015. But autumn 2016 it will be closed again for one year.
 The border between Sweden and Norway is displayed here. There are totally 4 railway cross points between Sweden and Norway: Riksgränsen, Storlien, Charlottenberg and Kornsjö.
 The border is seen here.
 After Storlien, the railway is quickly descending, from 600m above sea level to 0m in about 100km.

I'm taking an early train, many passengers are sleeping on this 2h journey from Sweden to Norway.
River Stjørdalselva
Time to break the ice

The airport of Trondheim - Værnes, fourth busiest in Norway
Stjørdalselva bridge from 1902, is replaced by a newer one (to the left). The bridge is starting point for Nordlandsbanen, a railway from Trondheim to Bodø. The railway is 729km long and it is the longest line in Norway.
Hell station
The building is from 1881, and it is so famous that it can be bought as a model 
The railway is continuing the last part to Trondheim along the fjord
Norwegian plane is about to take off
SAS plane is about to land
Vikhammer coast should be kept clean

Arriving to Trondheim S, the train is continuing as local service to Heimdal.
In 2014 the station was modernised with new platforms and design

Hurtigruten - famous boat line has a stop in Trondheim


  1. I remember changing trains at Storlien station Christmas 1987. The next train for Trondheim was alongside the Swedish one. I got out of the train and found a man with a Germany Shepherd dog. I asked how do I cross the line? "You just get back in the Swedish train and out the other side!" Your blog is great. Can I correct a little of your English?

    1. Thank you! Yes, please correct me, I guess there must be many mistakes since I'm not native in English, you can contact me by email through the contact form above in the blog.
      Funny story from 1987, as you could see in 2016 it was easier to change trains at Storlien