Sunday, March 27, 2016

Scandinavian circle 1 - Dombås, Åndalsnes

Today I'm taking the famous Raumabanen railway from Dombås to Åndalsnes. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful railways in the world.
 The locomotive hauled train from Trondheim is back in Åndalsnes. "Se Norge. Ta toget" slogan is promoting tourism in Norway.
NSB El 18 locomotive

 Locomotive is manufactured by ADtranz in 1996-1997.

 BM93 from inside
 Trains are equipped with vending machines and it is possible to pay with credit cards.

 Big panorama window
 Before departing we are waiting for this connecting train from Oslo.

 After passengers have switched trains it is time for departure
The 114km long Rauma line has 103 bridges and 5 tunnels. Here is Jora bridge
After rain there is sunshine
Bjorli is a popular ski resort
E136 road
The railway is now taking a major elevation drop, similar spirals like in Gotthard railway is used here. On the other side of the valley, is the railway downhill.

The last part of the railway is the most scenic with views over the Romsdalen

Kors church

Trollveggen, the tallest vertical rock face in Europe

Final stop on Raumabanen is Åndalsnes

Sunny day in Åndalsnes

The monument for people building the railway
Time to go back
Trollveggen station (not in use).

Famous Kylling bridge

Back in Åndalsnes
My train for further trip south

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