Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Today the trip goes from Björkliden to Kiruna and back. A one way trip of about 1,5h.
 Beautiful winter morning in Björkliden with view of Lapporten.
 Björkliden station building
 It is cold and sunny
 Sweden's 7th largest lake Torneträsk, and it is 2nd deepest.
 The important Iron Ore railway is being cleaned properly.

 Inside the station, some artefacts from the past.
 Crossing the railway by ski
 SJ Intercity train is arriving to Björkliden
 Abisko Östra

 Tourists are leaving the train at Abisko.
 Famous station/transformer building created by Folke Zettervall due to electrification of the Iron Ore railway in 1915. Similar buildings are also found in Torneträsk and Vassijaure stations.

 Meeting Arctic Circle Train

 Stenbacken station
 Meeting here with IORE train.

 Approaching Torneträsk station

 Approaching Kiruna

 Monument to "Rallare" - railway builders

 Due to moving of the station 2km from the centre, a free shuttle bus is available for each train connection

 A convenient transportation during the winter

 The old railway station

 Another SJ Intercity will take me back to Björkliden

 Changing direction of the train takes some 20 min.

 The road E10 was build only 1984, so before that only way to reach places like Abisko and Björkliden was by train. It is said that there was even an ambulance rail car available.
 It took 4 years to build the railway 1903, and 4 years to build the E10 in 1984.

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