Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Kristianstad, Hässleholm, Sösdala, Ørestad

I'm returning in Skåne for a Spring photo session, photos from Kristianstad, Hässleholm, Sösdala, and at the end from Ørestad on the other side of the bridge
It's a sunny week in April, I have some time every evening during the week to photograph trains running on the Southern main line (Södra stambanan)
TX Logistik has started a direct line from Sweden to Germany through Denmark
185 417, Traxx AC2 is used on the entire route from Katrineholm to Duisburg
The same train later on in Sösdala

 Check out the greeting from the train driver

A lonely Rd2


Dusk in Kristianstad

Next day, same good weather
The trip between Kristianstad and Hässleholm is quick, 22 min with Pågatåg, 19 min with Öresundståg
Green Cargo 46253, from Älmhult to Gent

A very delayed Hector Rail, 556 min late

241 011, "C-3PO"

From Kristianstad, the railway continues to Åhus, but there are not many trains here

Öresundståg with a nice decoration

Green Cargo 4168 to Hallsberg

Hector Rail 42706 to Falköping
241 005 "Solo"

TX Logistik 44200 to Bro

Green Cargo 4260 from Helsingborg to Hallsberg

More murals from Kristianstad


Advertisment for Germany

"New" wagon from Locomore

GC 4168

HR 42706

185 417 once again at the same place

Br 5333 too 

From Hässleholm I'm on my way to Kastrup airport to take the flight to Berlin
EG at Ørestad

Carlsberg at Kastrup
Berlin, here I come


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