Sunday, April 23, 2023

Saarmund, Fangschleuse, Berkenbrück, Berlin, Hohen Neuendorf West

After visiting West Berlin, I'm moving to East Berlin
Hohen Neuendorf West, at the northeast part of the ring railway
The station here has only one platform
Not sure where this train is coming from, but could be from Sassnitz
370 037, Cargounit and Bahnoperator Polska sp. z o.o.

Trans Eurasia is specializing on cargo transport between China and Europe

Moving on further to the Berlin- Frankfurt(Oder) railway
Here, the trains between Warszawa and Berlin are run frequently
Fangschleuse station
193 945, RTB Cargo

189 802, LTE Polska Sp. z o.o.

Polish goods on the rails
370 030, PKP Cargo

383 404, Metrans


186 944 is on the way back from Poland, yesterday I saw it in Gross Kreutz

Rain is on the way 
Cargounit Vectron hauling Eurocity passenger train

243 650, DeltaRail GmbH

185 154 is used only until the border

Moving on to Saarmund, traffic jams on the roads around Berlin due to road works

186 383, HSL

Country package: D, A, B, NL for this loco, so it might not go further than Germany

383 430

Berlin airport is nearby
Not sure why, but the trains are using the track which is least good for photos

383 420
383 215 is back too, I saw it yesterday in Priort

189 055

145 099, AMEH Trans - ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt Transport GmbH

145 068, MEG - Mitteldeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH

View from my hotel room next to Ostbahnhof

The area near Ostkreuz


Brutal socialistic architecture has its beauty


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