Saturday, April 22, 2023

Priort, Berlin, Golm, Gross Kreutz, Marquardt

Now that I'm in Berlin, I will check out trains on the Berlin Outer Ring railway (Außenring) that was built by DDR to bypass West Berlin.
Priort station is where I'll start
I have already seen a few Euroduals here in Germany, but not these two
159 004, hvle - Havelländische Eisenbahn AG and 159 219, LWC Lappwaldbahn Cargo GmbH

A more classic locomotive is Traxx AC1, 185 163

193 617, TX Logistik
It is likely on the way to Scandinavia

I've got competition here at Priort
Class 145 was the predecessor of Class 185
248 021, dispo-Tf Rail GmbH 
Vectron Dual Mode

Class V100.1 from MaK

189 016, Eurosprinter

And of course, Metrans
386 007

193 732, RTB Cargo

And now a Sonderzug (Special train) with 232 690, EBS Erfurter Bahnservice Gesellschaft mbH

Very nice Byz cars
And Mitropa dining car

Groß Kreutz station at Berlin-Magdeburg railway

232 182, WFL - Wedler Franz Logistik GmbH & Co. KG

New Siemens Desiro HC trains for ODEG


189 007 with Volkswagen vans

186 944, LTE

A short visit at Borkheide station
Variety of street names

Back at the ring, Marquardt station
189 060

186 530, PCC Intermodal, RTB Cargo

Golm station

Back at Priort
383 215, Budamar, LOKORAIL, a.s.

152 050

185 583

G 2000 BB

185 245
Aussichtspunkt Drachenberg
Nice view over Berlin from here

Mahnmal Ewige Flamme

One of the longest streets in Berlin is formed by Unter den Linden, Straße des 17. Juni, Bismarckstraße and Kaiserdamm
Before 1953, Straße des 17. Juni was called Charlottenburger Chaussee because it ran from the old city center (Berlin-Mitte) to the borough of Charlottenburg through the Tiergarten. The 1953 name change was made in order to honor an East German uprising and its victims. After Stalin's death, many East Berliners began a strike which also caused riots in the vain hope of getting rid of the communists. But the East German police struck back with brutal violence on 17 June 1953. (Wikipedia)

The street is perfect for a bicycle ride

Berlin has so rich history


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