Sunday, March 12, 2023

Switzerland: SBB

I've always liked Basel since you are able to take a tram from Switzerland to both Germany and France. But this time, I got a bit disappointed, due to passport control inside the tram at the border with Germany, the day before.
It happened right here, and in the morning I can view the border from my hotel room in Germany (which is obviously cheaper than in Switzerland).
There are however no controls today, so I can walk right through the border
Here it is, the border between Germany and Switzerland

Trams in Basel

Bridge over Rhein

Basel SBB
At Pratteln station, I start with my trainspotting
193 468 and CLdN Cargo

620 003

193 711
At Pratteln I can spot both SBB and BLS railways, here is a BLS train coming from Olten and Bern/Brig
465 008 and 465 001

185 107 coming from Baden/Muri (SBB railway)

189 991

185 127 and 185 099

193 718 and P&O Ferrymasters

474 018

Salina Raurica station
193 473

475 404

186 102 and 193 256, TX Logistik

Rheinfelden Augarten station
193 462

474 018

193 520

185 138 and 185 128

Stein-Säckingen station

Of course, just when I have to leave it starts to be sunny

A little bit of snowy Alps viewed from the train
Zürich HB


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