Saturday, March 4, 2023

Germany: Hamburg to Magdeburg

I'm on my way for a trip to Germany
AEX train to Arlanda airport
Dinner at the airport
Some hours later, I'm in Hamburg. I don't dare to take the night train yet, it's both more expensive and takes more time 

Hamburg Barmbek station in the morning

Bienenbüttel station 

One of the most important railway in Germany and perhaps in all Europe is the Hamburg-Hannover
On December 5, 2012, Deutsche Bahn declared the Uelzen–Stelle section to be an overloaded railway.  According to a bottleneck analysis carried out by the Federal Ministry of Transport in the mid-2010s, the section between Celle and Lüneburg, in particular, was overloaded with 140 trains per day, and between Nienburg and Verden the overload was 60 trains. With a load of 126 percent, the route was considered congested in 2011; Trains have to travel at particularly narrow intervals. On a reference day (January 11, 2022), between 83 and 194 trains were counted per section and direction. In particular, a draft plan provides for a number of infrastructure measures, including new platforms, switches, and overtaking tracks. In November 2022, an updated draft of a plan to increase the railway capacity (PEK) was presented. (Wikipedia)
186 370, Metrans/Akiem

383 411

185 148

185 067

O.V. Lahtinen Oy

Eurodual on the way
159 214 and 187 345

185 383

152 008

152 094

193 328, WLC
Now I'm in Bad Bevensen

185 514 and 185 516, VPS - Verkehrsbetriebe Peine-Salzgitter GmbH

152 044

193 850,

More EVB

152 081
Eschede station

185 590 and 187 331, HLG - Holzlogistik and Güterbahn GmbH

187 322, WLC

232 535, "Ludmilla"

More Metrans
386 001, must have been the first one

386 021

185 016

192 043, CFL Cargo Deutschland GmbH

185 324, "Lübeck-Stockholm" in Celle

From Celle, I'm taking a bit unusual S-Bahn train
It's a replacement train for the usual S-bahn, here with wagons from WFL

On this train I can open the window

Otze station
This is how S-Bahn should look here

386 031

192 102, EGP
Smartron has only one country listed: D

Another Ludmila, 232 356

At Lehrte I spot more trains, and wait for my next connection
Lehrte Bahnhof is historical
189 011

Trains are coming from Hamburg (in the photo)...
Or from Hanover and probably from Bremerhaven
243 931, DeltaRail GmbH
This locomotive was manufactured in 1989 by LEW Hennigsdorf in East Germany

185 550, Captrain

Organometallic substance, liquid, pyrophoric, water reactive

Vechelde station on the railway from Hanover to Magdeburg

192 101

189 822

185 512

Here it is, the real beauty 185 601, HSL


193 783, Captrain

Once again, 243 931

Last stop for today - Magdeburg


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