Friday, March 10, 2023

Germany: Stuttgart to Basel

Heading to Germany and Switzerland
Arlanda (not Express)

Juice at Terminal 4

I'm heading to Stuttgart, as there are no direct flight I have a change in Berlin
And lucky me, my next plane has Europa park livery

Stuttgart is warm and dry
S-Bahn straight to hotel
New main station is still under construction
Complimentary drink

Following morning
Thank God I'm not going to France this time, there is an ongoing and seems to be a neverending strike there. But here is a TGV anyway

Feeding birds for 5000 Euro - that's expensive
Yes, I'm on the Rhine Valley railway and I won't be disappointed when it comes to amount of trains
Vectron is completely dominated here, as almost all freight trains are heading to Switzerland and Italy
193 283, TXL
Kenzingen station 

193 946, RFO - Rail Force One B.V.

475 412
BLS and SBB Cargo are using this railway as the primary gateway to/from Switzerland

193 497, Hupac/BLS

Europa Park is near
ECE Milano-Frankfurt
Europa-Park is a theme park in Rust, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Covering a total area of 95 hectares, eighteen themed areas offer around one hundred rides, several shows, and thirteen roller coasters, the park includes six hotels, a camping site, a tepee village, a cinema, and a conference center.
According to the AECOM Theme Index 2020, Europa Park is ranked 19th out of the 25 most visited theme parks in the world and is the second most visited theme park in Europe after Disneyland Paris, as well as the most visited seasonal theme park in the world. (Wikipedia)

475 417

On the way to Belgium?

A triplet

193 465

193 651, also SBB Cargo

Considering the amount of freight rail traffic here, it is strange that there are no alternatives. The railway on the French side could be an option, but there are both linguistic and administrative barriers

Not only Vectrons, here is 482 003

185 129

193 716

193 495, Hupac/BLS Cargo

482 013

193 338


The railway has to handle both slow freight trains and fast passenger trains

189 985

Flixtrain from Basel Bad to Berlin, the trip takes 7h40min


193 650, SBB Cargo

Traxx AC2 and AC1 

482 002

Messages from the locals

485 010

CargoBeamer wagons, with innovative loading technology, it takes only 20 min to load the semi-trailer on the train. Check it out:

475 418

193 527

As part of the Rhine-Alpine Corridor, the route will be equipped with ETCS (partly with ETCS signaling, partly with Level 2). A number of electronic interlockings were set up for this purpose. In the case of the signal boxes in Denzlingen, Leutersberg, and Bad Krozingen, large parts of the external signal box systems were retained. (Wikipedia)
193 662, SBB Cargo

186 445, LINEAS

193 713, BLS

189 286, DB Cargo

185 107
185 124

193 526

482 013

193 492, SBB Cargo

186 147, BLS Cargo

Ex LOTOS Kolej

Norsingen, France is just on the other side of the Rhine river

Spring is not yet here, but soon

193 496

193 490

Rain is coming

193 359

185 138
At Buggingen it gets really dark

Rolling highway Freiburg Novara

Class 152 is rare here


151 017, WRS


New beer type onboard DB ICE


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