Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Preglia, Legnano, Rho, Romano, Desenzano

Day 24: From Brig to Padua
The reason for staying in Brig was to take an early train and visit Preglia station
Preglia is one of the stations along the Simplon railway, on the Italian side. It is the 3rd station after Simplon tunnel, after Iselle di Trasquera and Varzo, and just before the Domodossola station
There are platforms on both sides of the tracks, but the trains are only using one platform
The only way to get here in the morning is to take the morning train from Switzerland
The Italian stations of Preglia, Varzo, and Iselle are only served by Swiss trains operated by BLS

It is early in the morning, but the sun will be up soon
There is one person working at the station, and there are some cats living nearby 

The cats are welcomed for breakfast at the station

Shortly after passenger train left, there are some freight trains

475 410 with a Ralpin Rola train

Rola is for Rollende Landstraße, the rolling highway

All other BLS trains do not stop here until late evening

193 518 and 193 477

Underground passage to the other platform

Vietato attraversare i binari
Even though Italy's railway network is using 3kV DC, this railway from the Swiss border to Domodossola uses 15kV 16.7 Hz AC. It is a similar situation with the railway until Luino

475 403 and 475 419

I'm not going to wait for the next train which will be in 7 hours, so I'm walking down to the main road where I'll take a bus

It is a short walk down, the station can be seen here

Bus timetable from Preglia to Domodossola

Domodossola station

Passing by Lago Maggiore
I'm now on the line Domodossola-Milan, and here I'm passing by Gallarate intermodal terminal
Legnano station

Nearby is the Milan Malpensa airport
This railway is known to be a busy freight and passenger line
Alstom Astride, SNCF Class BB 36000
I did not see this locomotive back in France, but instead I see it here in Italy
The locomotive is used in F and I

A380 on the way to/from Milan 

FS Class E.652

ETR 521 on the line Milan-Domodossola

Rho station with railways from Milan to Domodossola and Torino

652 126

Red/green light ahead
Udine, that's where I'm heading tomorrow

191 016, DB Cargo Italia

483 053, GTS Rail

From Rho I'm taking the S train to Treviglio

From Treviglio I'm continuing on the Milano-Venezia railway, here I'm at Romano station
FS Class E.405

The next train will use a side track

At Desenzano - more trains

494 015

483 318, Medway

On my way to Padua


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