Sunday, August 14, 2022

Lillestrøm, Kjelsås, Lier (N), Drammen, Grorud

Less than a week from my one-month trip, I'm back again traveling, this time to a neighbour country - Norway
X60 at Arlanda
Post covid problems with security and long queues are now history at Arlanda
I'm heading to Oslo for a weekend trip. I still have two days left of my Interrail ticket, but to speed up the trip I'm flying. Also I'm not allowed to use the Interrail in Sweden anymore

There are normally 9 SAS flights and 6 Norwegian flights per day between Stockholm and Oslo, while there are only 2 trains 

Taking the train from the airport
BM75 at Gardemoen station

Arriving at Lillestrøm station
Freight trains are passing by here
185 709 on the way to Sweden

Hector Rail with 119 007 and 119 008

CargoNet with airplane fuel, later I will spot this train in full view
The following morning starts at Lillestrøm

185 714 to Alnabru

The line between Lillestrøm and Oslo is used by freight trains and local commuter trains 

Grenland Rail at Sagdalen

I'm on my way to Halden to spot a freight train. Here is Ski station

BM73 to Halden

Inside BM73

The "best" seats on the train
That's the train I'm heading for


BLS Rail with Rc3

I'm back in Oslo

Max speed 210km/h
I'm heading to Kjelsås station

BM75 trains operate the line

Nearby there is a tram stop

SL-79 tram from Duewag/Strømmens Værksted

CargoNet from Bergen 

I'm on my way to Drammen, stopping at Lier station

Train to/from Stavanger and Bergen are passing by here
Here is BM73 from Go Ahead Nordic
Since 2019 all long-distance lines in Norway are awarded to a company winning the tender. For the Oslo-Stavanger line, it is now Go Ahead

Now it is time for two freight trains, one from Stavanger, the other one from Bergen
Re 1432

Another Green Cargo, this time it is 187 004 with Railpool livery


BM73 and BM71

El18 with the train from Bergen

BFWL1 car is now used on the train from Bergen, it is an old German wagon with compartments and space for luggage

Next day I'm in Alna
Alnabru is the main freight yard in Norway

A mix of Danish and Swedish locomotives

Inside BM72
Bryn station
Oslo metro is seen here

Taking a walk from Haugenstua to Grorud station

Here it is, the train with air fuel
187 405 from CargoNet

The locomotive has Last Mile option

BaneNor train

BM72 - the Italian EMU

El15 from Grenland Rail on the way to Halden

It's important to get into the right door on the train depending on having a ticket or not


CargoNet to Trondheim

Back at Lillestrøm

SJ Intercity to Stockholm
I could have taking this train on the way back to Stockholm, unfortunately it do not stop here in Lillestrøm, instead I'll be flying back

185 713 from Trondheim
The train is arriving from Kongsvinger. Due to track closure, the freight trains are rerouted between Lillestrøm and Hamar where they are partially using a non-electrified line

Same train at Strømmen

CargoNet to Sarpsborg

Flying back
Free tap water
Many flights tonight from Oslo


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