Friday, August 26, 2022

Hangelsberg, Erkner, Słubice, Kunowice, Jacobsdorf (Mark), Berlin

This weekend the trip goes to Berlin and the border with Poland
The flight to Berlin through Frankfurt
Rhein river seen from the plane
Frankfurt airport is huge, the bus from the plane is circling around Jumbo jets
Upon arrival to Berlin, I'm heading straight to the railway and the station of Hangelsberg
This is the line between Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder), with connection further on to Poland and Warszaw
Probably the old station building

Freight trains to/from Poland are using this line

Also, I'm visiting Erkner station which has a connection to Berlin S-Bahn
LTE with P&O Ferrymasters trailers

I'm not the only one here
186 372, PKP Cargo

LTE again

185 543, Captrain with Railco wagons

186 273, Lotos Kolej Sp. z o.o.

Chinese containers, still on track through Poland

Frankfurter Allee in Berlin

Just when I was about to park the car in front of my hotel, I could spot this little creature
Nice to see that the wild life is existing in Berlin
The view from my room and the Landsberger Allee

East Berlin has more tall block building than in the west
Also, the streets are wider and gives a nice perspective

On the following day, I have a possibility to cross the border into Poland and visit the station of Słubice
193 560, DB Cargo
The line is electrified with 3kV just before the bridge over the Oder/Odra river
This station is served by Polregio service 3 times per day only, so I had no chance to see the local train. The station here was opened in 2003

The town of Slubice is located a bit away from the station
Berlin-Warsaw train does not stop here

186 265, PKP Cargo

During the time I've spent here, I could only spot locomotives supporting both 3kV and 15kV
189 064 at the Kunowice station

186 265 returning back from Germany
After WW2 this station served as the border station between Poland and East Germany

193 360 "I am European"

193 732, RTB Cargo

From Poland, I'm crossing the border back to Germany, and it gets a bit stormy 
Jacobsdorf (Mark) station and the regional train Frankfurt (Oder)-Berlin

186 530, RTB Cargo

212 001, Deltarail

This is a former DB Class 143 and it was manufactured in 1982

In the evening, I'm taking a walk through East Berlin

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