Sunday, September 19, 2021

Runsala, Skänninge, Töreboda, Hallsberg, Laxå

Another weekend in Sweden, this time all my favourite spots are here
In the morning it is sunny, not for long though, the rest of the weekend will be cloudy

A fox escaping from my camera

DBCS 28748 at Runsala/Dunsjö
185 330

Läke Vättern and Vätterviksbadet

Narrow gauge railway from Fågelsta


GC 4911 at Skänninge

It is a climate crisis indeed
RRS 42025

GC 5162

GC 66385

Töreboda and Göta Kanal

GC 5564

GC 5470

CFL Cargo 25656

185 686

GC 5712 at Hallsberg

185 330 back from Rosersberg on the way to Germany

GC 5164 at Åsbro

GC 5580 at Vretstorp

"Timeless" monument in Laxå

CFL Cargo 49502 at Laxå
119 008


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