Saturday, September 4, 2021

Herrhult, Runsala, Vikingstad, Laxå, Grythyttan

Visiting some places in Värmland, Närke and Östergötland
Starting at Herrhult (near Nykroppa), it's green light

While I'm waiting for train 53525 I'm taking a waik around the area

Here it is
185 692 from CargoNet

Moving on to Rönneshytta, here is special train 29064 to Kristinehamn
Coming from Nässjö railway museum

HR 34531 at Runsala/Dunsjö

Unexpected guest
DBCS 35560

185 330

Vikingstad station in Östergötand
HR 42702
241 007

TXL 27282 with new ER1 train delivery

HR 44660 at Laxå station
243 112

Special train is back from Kristinehamn
SJ Ra 987 "Rapid" from the 50's

243 002

CFL Cargo 49501

CN 29571 to Malmö at Örebro station


Tågab 7030

CN 53533

GC 5753


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