Saturday, September 11, 2021


From time to time I'm traveling to the north of Sweden, in September it is probably the best time, all the snow is gone, and there are no mosquitos anymore
Also, it is the first time for me to use the service operated by Vy. Let's see if they are better than SJ.
The coaches are still the same, and they are owned by Trafikverket. 

Vy has definitely better food and drinks onboard
A tea before going to bed
In the morning, I wake up to a beautiful but a bit cold weather

CargoNet trains are on the way southbound

HR train to Kiruna spotted at Gällivare station

The smallest station in Sweden is Sjisjka

Time for some breakfast


Kaunis Iron train 

After changing directions of the locomotive the Arctic Circle Train is ready to continue

Torneträsk station

Abisko Östra

Longer stop here in Abisko Ö


Not many passengers left after Abisko

Intercity train in the opposite direction
The train continues to Narvik, even though there are no passengers allowed onboard between Sweden and Norway due to Corona restrictions

IORE trains are running frequently on the line

185 415 and 185 413 from Bure Equity AB, hired to Railcare
This train is carrying iron ore from the Pajala mine, operated by Kaunis Iron

This is indeed a nice place for walks
From Katterjåkk it is not far to Riksgränsen

Raindeers are running around

At night it is also interesting, no aurora this night though
Cold morning in Katterjåkk
It is not possible to take train to Norway, but there is no problem to walk over and cross the border

The train back to Stockholm


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