Saturday, January 30, 2021

Umeå, Åsträsk, Hällnäs, Vindeln, Tvärålund

I'm continuing with my trips to the north, this time I'm visiting Västerbotten region
I'm leaving Stockholm Friday evening by taking the night train to Umeå
Stockholm metro, Liljeholmen station
The winter has suddenly appeared all over Sweden

SJ is continuing to operated night trains until Umeå, while Vy has taken over the line to Luleå and Narvik
Rc6 1401 and 1398
Breakfast in the morning

Arriving at Umeå
Rc6 1398 - the other Rc6 must have left for Duved 

Umeå central
It has been snowing a lot during recent week in Umeå

Former Umeå prison - now a hotel
I'm renting a car in Umeå, and heading to the main line located a bit away from the coast
Here in Tvärålund it is cold
Vindeln church
Vindel river
The new church in Vindeln constructed in 1903
Main line through upper Norrland passing through Vindeln

The old church in Vindeln from 1769

I'm heading further along the line, here in Lubboträsk I will spot the first train
It is Vy/Norrtåg 7153 from Luleå to Umeå
X52 9033 is a former Upptåget train, the train will get a complete Norrtåg livery during 2021

This time I have rented a smaller car, but it works fine - all roads I'm using are clean
I've reached my destination today - Åsträsk
The old station in Åsträsk. Once there were 250 residents here in Åsträsk, today only 10.
One of the reasons I came all the way here, is to spot this old railway station, there are not many stations left of this type, and this one is worth visiting.
And that I'm here, I will be able to spot several trains
CargoNet 41919
185 688

CargoNet 41905
185 692

Now in the winter I have a natural spot from a snow hill

Green Cargo 4300
The train is using a side track, so there will be another train coming from the north

Rc4 1310 and 1280

Green Cargo 4005
Rc4 1281 and 1283

Ekträsk has an identical station

Hällnäs Sanatorium

Hällnäs station

This station is still served by passenger trains

RRS 42502

Rc4 1313


Green Cargo 9118
Mb 4006 and 4005

CargoNet 41902

185 710

The hotel I'm staying at is a former school building
Music shop in Umeå


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