Sunday, January 3, 2021

Falköping, Aspedalen, Aspen, Lerum

Today I'm traveling by train from Laxå to Aspen

I'm taking the SJ Regional train in the morning
Having breakfast on the train

Arriving at Falköping
Ranten hotel
Covid distance - 2 m or a cow distance

Train 5564 to Hallsberg
Rd2 1096 and 1128

X50 3292 
I've now reached Alingsås

From Alingsås, I'm continuing with X61 Pendeltåg to Aspedalen
X50 3295
Y31 1413 and 1400

Green Cargo 75857 to Gävle
Rd2 1030

Aspedalen station is located in Lerum just 1km from the central Lerum


Lake Aspen

The next station after Aspedalen is named Aspen - just like the lake. Here the railway is located next to the lake.

A cat is crossing the railway

Hector Rail 46750 to Falköping
243 104 "Werner", named after Ernst Werner Siemens who was a German electrical engineer, inventor, and industrialist.

The old stretch of the railway was once passing here, later replaced by a tunnel (on the photo before)

Visiting nearby Lerum station

CFL Cargo 49502 to Insjön
185 686

I'm back at Alingsås
Another CFL Cargo train is coming, this time its 49452 to Jönköping

Rc4 1137

Green Cargo 19379 to Varberg
Rc4 1287

Tågfrakt 49622 to Falköping

Blå tåget advertisement at Alingsås, hopefully, they will be back in service again soon
When I'm back at Laxå, it is already dark
Y31 1402 has been repainted from yellow to blue

Here in Laxå, I can spot train 49502 once again


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