Sunday, January 31, 2021

Hällnäs, Vännäs, Umeå

Today is the second and last day of my visit to Västerbotten

It'a a cold day, but I'm warm inside my hybrid rental car

This is a place I can visit over and over again

Strukton Rail train 32486 from Vännäs to Älvsbyn

STR Tc 9510

CargoNet 41919

185 708

Green Cargo 9102

Mb 4005 and 4006

Visiting Vindeln rapids nature reserve

At Tväråbäck I'm spotting this train 4300

Rc4 1142 and 1282

Railcare train 23876 from Långsele to Skelleftehamn
TMZ 1458 and two Re 482 locomotive purchased from SBB Cargo

It's not everyday one can spot locomotive from Switzerland in Sweden
These locomotives will used for iron ore trains in the north
482 036 and 482 043

This station building is even more beautiful covered in ice

Local train from Hällnäs is arriving at Vännäs

X11 3167

I'm back in Umeå where my train will shortly depart back to Stockholm

Huge amounts of snow here in Umeå

X55 to Stockholm



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