Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Motala, Mjölby

Today I'm visiting Motala and spotting some trains at Skänninge and Mjölby.
Motala Central

Train 5613 to Malmö
Rc4 1309

Artscape festival has reached Östergötland, here is a mural by Pref
Collaborative mural by Charlie Granberg
Radio museum in Motala

Tågab 47165 to Osby
Rc2 009


TX Logistik 44100 to Eskilstuna, 524 minutes late
185 674

CFL Cargo 49520 to Avesta Krylbo at Laxå
Rc4 1144

Laxå wall of kindness

Tågfrakt 49600 to Göteborg
Rc4 1146

Green Cargo 5540 to Eskilstuna
Rd2 1083

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