Saturday, December 5, 2020

Lödöse Södra, Mellerud, Kil

Today I'm traveling to Trollhättan, and tomorrow I'm visiting Mellerud station.
I'm taking SJ Snabbtåg from Stockholm to Vänersborg. This service to Uddevalla is operated with X55 train. At Herrljunga station, the train is changing direction before continuing on Älvsborgsbanan

Y31 train to Mariestad is departing from Herrljunga as well
Arriving at Vänersborg
Vänersborg is normally operated by Västtrafik trains. SJ is operating the direct service to Stockholm on Friday and Sunday
From Vänersborg to Trollhättan I will continue with Västtåg

Arriving at Trollhättan

After spending the night at a hotel in Trollhättan, I'm heading to the station for further journey
First, I'm visiting Lödöse södra station
It is one of the new stations located at Vänerbanan after the section Göteborg-Öxnered was rebuilt.
X52 9076

X52 9035 and 9076 on the way to Vänersborg
X61 023 from Skånetrafiken is operating the line Göteborg-Vänersborg as well

I'm visiting Älvängen

From Älvängen I'm taking the train to Öxnered

X2 trains are not usually operating this line 
This service bound for Stockhom is taking a detour due to railway works between Göteborg and Alingsås this morning

At the western platform trains to/from Karlstad are operating the line
X52E to Göteborg

Now, it's time for my train
I'm arriving at Mellerud where I'll spend some hours

Mellerund was once an important station as it was connecting Vänerbanan with the line to Norway
X52E 9077
The old railway hotel
Not many people here at the station, but one cat is taking a walk

First, it is train 48500 "Vänerexpressen" from Göteborg Skandiahamnen to Karlstad

Rc2 1052

Due to railway works at Västra stambanan, many freight trains were re-routed to Vänerbanan today
Here is RRS train 42917 from Hallsberg to Göteborg

Rc4 1157

Another RRS train is heading to Göteborg, this one is 42015 from Storvik

Rc4 1200

Green Cargo train 5288 to Borlänge
Rc4 1299 and 1286

Green Cargo train 5554 to Grums is taking the side track here in Mellerud
Rc4 1149 and 1284

Freight wagon from SBB Cargo
Another train will bypass train 5554
It is Green Cargo train 5284 to Hallsberg

Rc4 1141

Stuck between two freight trains

I'm leaving Mellerud now and taking SJ Regional train to Kil
X52 9080 at Kil

Train 5284 has now also reached Kil

Former DSB ME, now owned by Nordic Re-Finance
T43 257

Y31 1416 
From Kil I'm traveling to Karlstad

Tågab train 47036 from Rottneros to Kristinehamn

Wermlands Opera

At the end, the light show projected at Stockhom City Hall


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