Friday, October 30, 2020

Mariedamm, Jakobshyttan, Runsala

Today I will visit my favorite spot and check the diverted trains from Södra Stambanan.
First, an X40 at Laxå

RRS train 42057
Rc4 1299

At Mariedamm I can spot Tågab train 44324 

Rc2 009

An unusual sight here at the railway between Hallsberg and Mjölby is this Snälltåget train
Due to railway works north of Norrköping, all trains on the line Katrineholm-Mjölby are diverted here
Here is train 3941 with Vectron 193 288

At Jakobshyttan I can spot train 14746
Rc4 1272

X2 trains do now operate this line usually
Here is train 10529 to Malmö

RRS train 42021
Rc4 1302

Tågab train 7027 to Alvesta
Rc3 1040

Green Cargo train 27383 to Nässjö
Rc4 1308

Snälltåget 3940
Vectron 193 287

X52 9017

Vectron 193 254

At Runsala I can see this Hector Rail train 67423 to Malmö
241 011 "C-3PO" 

TX Logistics train 44203 to Malmö
185 715


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