Sunday, October 11, 2020

Höör, Sävsjö

Today I'm traveling back from Skåne to Stockholm
The first stop is Höör

STR 72403 to Sala
Ma 405
The locomotive is from 1954 and has still the TGOJ livery

Green Cargo 4903 to Malmö
Rc4 1280

The geographical center of Skåne is located here in Höör
The monument from 2009 is placed here

A new living area will be built here next to the station

A fox family monument at the station


A double set of X11 Krösatåg
Narrow-gauge railway Sävsjö-Målilla was once located here

Covid safe bench
193 253 Vectron 

Green Cargo 5617
Rd2 1107

Double X2

My lunch today
Train 5266
Rd2 1077


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