Saturday, October 24, 2020

Bräcke, Brunflo, Pilgrimstad, Storlien

Today I'm heading to Jämtland region
Not many passengers early in the morning on a Saturday

During Covid SJ has replaced locomotive-hauled trains with EMU, here is X55 instead of regular coach train

It is end of October, here in Bräcke there is already some snow

Famous Ice cream cafe in Bräcke
The queue is outside
I'm taking this X62 from Bräcke to Brunflo

Brunflo station is connecting Mittbanan with Inlandsbanan railways

The station is today a pizzeria

It was announced to be sunny today, but I cound not spot any sun
I'm visiting Pilgrimstad station

Pilgrimstad has an old history. The village is named after a water well where pilgrims stopped on their pilgrimage travels to Trondheim, Norway. Yet to this day, the inhabitants of the village get their water from this well. (Wikipedia)

St. Olavsleden is the northernmost pilgrim trail in the world. The trail is approximately 580 kilometers long and extends from the Baltic sea in the East to the Atlantic Ocean in the West, from Selånger in Sweden to Trondheim in Norway. The trail goes through large forests, over mountains, along lakes and past communities and historic sites. The roadbed varies from gravel road, asphalt and trails. St. Olavsleden is the Scandinavian equivalent to the El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the famous pilgrim route to Spain (

From Pilgrimstad, I'm taking the train up to the Norwegian border - Storlien.

Due to Covid there are no cross border services since April

Storlien station
From Storlien, I'm traveling to Duved where I will catch my night train
Daily night train operates services to Stockholm and Göteborg

A longer stop at Åre
The night train today has Rc6 1395 and 1324

I'm traveling in WL1 sleeper car


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