Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sala, Fagersta, Grängesberg, Laxå

I'm continuing my journey with train 93 from Luleå to Stockholm.
Here is a stop at Gävle in the morning.
The night between the 26th and 27th of October has a change of time from summer to wintertime.  3AM becomes 2AM and this is, of course, affecting the timetable of the night train. Not sure how they do it in the spring, but now it was very easy. The train was delayed when it departed from Örnsköldsvik at 02:52 (scheduled departure time is at 02:40) and arrived at Kramfors at 03:00 (which is 24 minutes earlier than scheduled). So, considering the delay of 12 minutes, the train had to wait in Kramfors for 24 minutes adapting to the new time. It seems also that the speed was much slower than usually between Örnsköldsvik and Kramfors, as the trip that should take 44 minutes, now turned to 1h7min.
The train has arrived at Uppsala, and this is where I'm stepping off the train. The trip between Uppsala and Stockholm is only 40 min, but why make it easy. It's Sunday, and I'm taking a detour on my way to Stockholm.
The railway between Uppsala and Stockholm (at least for the part Uppsala-Knivsta) is heavily congested with both commuter, regional, long-distance and freight trains.
Train 93 with Rc6 1333 is ready for departure
It's a green light, not sure how this is will work out as there are two trains on both tracks ahead.
Train 93 is also called "Arctic Circle train" as it is combined with the train from Narvik at Boden station.
SJ Night train and X55 Snabbtåg


Uppsala station

X11 3137 - once used by Skånetrafik, later by Krösatågen, and now hired to Upptåget

Upptåget is a service provided by Upplands Lokaltrafik, there are two lines. At Uppsala C, platform 5 (to the right here) is usually used for services to Tierp and Gävle. Platform 6 (to the left) is for service to Sala.
X52 9032
This X11 has the same layout as the one I took the day before, but less crowded.
Seats from Olofström

Arriving at Sala station

Confusing with 3 different ticket machines/card readers at the station. The machines are from SJ, VL, and UL.

Aguéligatan street

Kristina church

Railway kiosk
Railway cafe

After the UL train has left, other trains are arriving at the station
X50 9003 UVEN line. It is called UVEN (Uppsala, Västerås, Eskilstuna, Norrköping) even though the train terminates here in Sala instead of Uppsala. There are plans to combine the UL service Uppsala-Sala with UVEN train from Linköpng.
SJ Intercity from Stockholm with Rc6 1342
Also, another SJ Intercity to Stockholm arrives
After a short trip, I'm at Avesta Krylbo

I will be taking 9 trains and 1 bus today, here is my 4th one today
X51 9019
A bunch of X14 trains parked at Fagersta

Train 5775 Borlänge-Hallsberg

Rd2 1080 and 1117

My next train
X51 9018

Next is a bus from Ludvika to Grängesberg

The bus route is following the railway
Train 9130


Waiting for Tågab train to Kristinehamn

Stora Hagen - Mining worker’s housing area built after the English model.
One of the buildings is a museum

Grängesberg has a pub (which is also a hotel and a restaurant)
Serving of course Grängesberg beer

Tågab train Falun-Göteborg
Rc3 1045
The train has only 3 cars

There is a small 1st class compartment

At Kristinehamn I'm changing to another Tågab train, which is an X10
X10 3201 and Rc3 1045

X10 3203
Previously used for commuter services in Stockholm, this train is now rebuilt to an Intercity train
No 1st class here, but Tågab has managed to fit in a WC and a Cafe inside this train
Bicycles are welcome

Half of the train has got comfortable seats from an SJ B7 car, while the other half has still seats from SL.
X10 3203 at Laxå

SJ Intercity Göteborg-Stockholm

Y1 1270 Mariestad-Hallsberg

X40 train will take me from Laxå to Hallsberg

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