Sunday, October 13, 2019

Hallsberg, Arboga, Örebro, Hallsberg

This weekend I happen to visit same place two days in a row - Hallsberg. Also, I'm visiting stations of Arboga, Örebro Södra, and Kumla.
Starting day 1 (Saturday) in Hallsberg.
Hallsberg is always a place offering a lot of train photos.
Control car AFM7, which is since 2016 only used as a regular car.
Close to everything... Hallsberg is not that big.

Train 5011 Ånge-Hallsberg

Rc4 1141 and Rd2 1093

Y31 1413

X40 and Rc6

Train 5968 Hallsberg-Ånge
Rc4 1160

Rainbow in October

Day 2 (Sunday) starts in Flemingsberg
X60 and X74

SJ Regional to Arboga
This is probably the last time I'm taking the conventional locomotive-hauled coach train on this route. From December 2019 the route will be operated by new Stadler ER1 EMU
ER1 will only have 2nd class, so this is also the last time I can travel in 1st class on this route.

View from a bridge over Södertälje

Freight train outside Nykvarn

Svealandsbanan railway which opened in 1997

Läggesta old station
Läggesta new station


The first tunnel from 1996, and the second tunnel from 2017


SJ Regional train between Stockholm and Eskilstuna/Arboga is using Rc6 locomotives on both ends of the train. This means that after December 2019 there will an extended rolling stock for SJ. New SJ Intercity routes will be provided with this rolling stock, one of them will be the direct service between Stockholm and Helsingborg.

Br5332 is the only locomotive of today's train 9130 between Oxelösund and Borlänge
New ER1 trains are ready for service
X12 3222 on the UVEN line (Sala-Linköping)
Folkesta terminal

Arboga old station

Br5332 now at Arboga

Terminal station for SJ Regional from Stockholm
X40 for further journey to Örebro
Örebro Södra

Train 40982 Hallsberg-Frövi
441.001-3 "Cyborg" Eurosprinter

Due to many accidents at the railway crossing here at Örebro Södra, it was decided to built a new pedestrian bridge.
It is still possible to cross the tracks to get to the other platform, but for crossing to the other side of the station it is necessary to use the bridge.

Train 19438 Hallsberg-Frövi

Rc4 1284 and 1171

X51 9025

Train 48600 Kristinehamn-Fliskär
Tågab Rc2 008

Next stop is Kumla

X51 9018

Same locomotives going now back from Frövi to Hallsberg

Back to Hallsberg

Rd2 1089 and 1091

TMY 1157 from Railcare

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