Saturday, October 26, 2019

Jörn, Hällnäs, Vännäs, Luleå

This weekend I will do a little bit longer trip to the north of Sweden, which will require the use of night trains. I will be taking the night train from Stockholm to Jörn, and then back from Luleå to Stockholm.
Friday evening at Stockholm Central

It is the daily night train 92 from Stockholm northbound. The train will go to Sundsvall where it will be split in two and combined with another train from Göteborg. The two trains will continue to Luleå and Duved.
The train has 4 types of coaches: seat, couchette, sleeper, and sleeper 1st class.

In front of the train there are coaches to Duved

Rc6 1327 from SSRT

My coach has number 23, and it is a sleeper 1st class. This weekend, there was an offer for purchasing tickets with SJ prio bonus points. 12000 points instead of 19000 for a whole compartment.
WL4 sleeper coach was manufactured 1990-1992 and has 11 compartments.
There are 2 beds in each compartment, but it's possible to use it for single occupancy.
In daymode, the bed is a sofa with a table.
Each compartment has a private WC and shower. Compared to the Nightjet deluxe compartment (single deck coaches), this one has more space, or it feels like it has more space. On the other hand, Nightjet has a larger window, which is nice when travelling during the summer.
Drink water is included, but no prosecco as in Nightjet
Hair dryer

Instruction of how to make the bed
The small window
The trip has started, the last thing I see before my sleep is Uppsala station
In the morning, our train has stopped in Hällnäs
The stop is just for letting another train pass
Later during the day, I will visit this station
In 1st class, the breakfast is included.
The restaurant coach in the morning
It is still October, and this is the first snow this fall

Bastuträsk is located near Skellefteå and Boliden

Couchette compartment with 6 beds
A freight train is traveling backward here in Bastuträsk

Arriving at Jörn
It's more snow and colder here in Jörn than in Bastuträsk. I have prepared for this weather, so I'm wearing winter clothes and shoes.

Railway hotel in Jörn

The beautiful station in Jörn
I'm here in Jörn for about 2 hours before my next train will take me to Hällnäs. There are not many trains here in the north, so a good planning is required when traveling.

The famous railway hotel where Lenin stayed on his way to make the revolution in Russia back in 1917. At the time when the railway came to Jörn, there were 6 hotels here.

Waiting room

Time to visit Jörn

The left track is heading to Arvidsjaur. It is a branch railway, which will be used as test railway.

A street art wall painted by local teenagers

Sankt Mikael church constructed 1959-1960 designed by Georg Rudner

Please do not vandalize

Not so cold

"Stambanan genom övre Norrland" is an important railway, so I was hoping to see some freight trains
Here is train 41905, Arctic Rail Express from Narvik to Oslo

185 711 Traxx

Shortly after is another ARE train, 41961

This time with an EL 16 instead of Traxx locomotive
CN EL16 2211

Train 7115 Luleå-Umeå usually operated with X52, today is an X11

There are many passengers on the train

Arriving at Hällnäs, I'm the only passenger leaving the train here
X11 3167

Hällnäs station

The night train does not stop here, but there are more frequent Norrtåg services here

Cargonet 41961 that I saw earlier in Jörn

Norwegian retail freight

Cargonet 41902, this time from Oslo to Narvik

Time is standing still here

X62 003

This Norrtåg from Umeå terminates here in Hällnäs, and after a short stop going back to Umeå

Arriving at Vännäs

Vännäs has also a beautiful station

Another railway hotel, this one is a better shape

X11 3167 is back from Umeå, now as the train 7116
I'm continuing my journey, now back north

The train has no WC, so there is a longer stop here in Bastuträsk for passengers that has to use WC at the station


New Mb locomotives for Green Cargo
The underground passage in Boden is like a museum

Rc6 1331
My next train is SJ Intercity 95 to Luleå
B2 coach


Luleå by night

Rc6 1333

The night train 93 back to Stockholm is departing soon

I thought I would have same compartment, but it was another one
It's warm inside
Almost like at home

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