Saturday, September 21, 2019

Säter, Insjön, Gagnef, Tällberg

So far I have been lucky with the weather on my Saturday trips in September, today is not an exception. I will travel along the Dalabanan railway and visit some of the scenic towns in the Dalarna region.
Taking the Intercity morning train Stockholm-Falun
3 trains meeting here in Sala as usual
SJ Intercity Falun-Stockholm
SJ Regional Sala-Linköping
Train 40771 Borlänge-Kimstad waiting for departure in Avesta Krylbo
Vectron from Hectorrail

My first stop is in Säter

Säter station

Train to Stockholm



Säter has a beautiful old town with wooden houses

Train 6744 Brattheden (Ramnäs) to Borlänge
Green Cargo Td 369

Lake Ljustern

Säter church built in 1635

Not here

Clean up after your dog, please
Seems that there is a problem with dogs here in Säter

Train 5761 Borlänge-Hallsberg
Rd2 1100
Transporting a bunch of Re (Traxx) locomotives

Cosy waiting hall

An announcement that there have been graffiti damages inside the station

Two hours later is time for the next SJ Intercity, this one with destination - Mora
Rc6 1408

More Vectrons in Borlänge

Repbäcken, where the non-electrified line bound for Vansbro and Malung is starting

Arriving to Insjön

Insjön station

SJ Intercity train is used here as the Regional service, stopping at all small stations between Borlänge and Mora

Despite being a small town, two of the major retail companies were founded here in Insjön.

In 1899 Åhléns started out as the mail-order business Åhlén & Holm. 19 years later, in 1918, the mail-order firm Clas Ohlson was founded in Insjön. (Wikipedia)

Clas Ohlson has a shop here

X52 9017 from Transitio leasing firm
Next stop is Gagnef
Gagnef is even smaller than Insjön. The train station is located in the middle of a field

Gagnef church

A floating bridge is located here in Gagnef

Road 70

X51 9025

The last place I'm visiting today is Tällberg - which I'm visiting second time this year, and hopefully not the last time because this is certainly one of the most beautiful places in Sweden which can be reached by train.

Small station, lots of trains

Rc6 1408

Tällberg has only 200 permanent residents, but it is a popular tourist place with several hotels

From the top of the hill, there is a great view of the lake Siljan
Statue of Gustaf Ankarcrona

Local beer

Fancy waiting hall

Somebody did not save the money on decorating the station in Tällberg

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