Saturday, September 7, 2019

Bräcke, Gällö

Today I'm traveling north to Jämtland region.
 The first stop after Stockholm is Arlanda airport.
 243 115 Vectron in Gävle


 A11 coach

 MY from Railcare

 Today's SJ Intercity train Stockholm-Åre has 5 coaches, the front one is almost empty
 The distance between Ljusdal and Ånge has no stops in between only forest




 One of the few passengers arriving here in Ånge
 Ånge railyard
 Rc4 1149

 Rde 1069. Rde is an Rd2 locomotive upgraded to the latest version 3 of ERTMS

 142 105 from Hectorrail
 Another MY from Railcare

 Traveling on Mittbanan railway (the one between Sundsvall and Trondheim).

 Arriving at Bräcke

 Rc6 1355
 The train continues to Åre
 Wooden station house of Bräcke is still in good shape (the current building is from 1910).

 Train 15599 from Ånge to Grötingen

 Rc4 1149
 Rc4 1303

 Famous ice cream cafe in Bräcke

 Time for an ice cream

 Train 45718 from Ånge to Storflon

 142.110 "Blane"

 243 110 Vectron

 An underground passage under the railway

 The autumn is already here

 Bräcke church

 My next train will be from Norrtåg

 Projekt Mittstråket is working on improving the infrastructure between Sundsvall and Trondheim.
 Train 9102 Luleå-Borlänge

 Re 1424 and 1427 (aka Traxx F140 AC2)

 Steel products from SSAB company

 X62 010

 "Stambanan genom övre Norrland" (the railway northbound) is to the right


 Arriving to my next destination - Gällö

 Gällö station from 1879 is one of the so-called type Hällnäs stations (Hällnäsmodellen).

 This station was lucky for not being destroyed, despite being located so near the railway.

 Seems to be privately owned today

 Not much happening here in Gällö
 I'm taking a tour up to the hill

 In the winter it is used for skiing

 The railway seen from the hill

 Gällö timber facility near the lake

 X62 010
 X62 007

 Arriving at Östersund
 Rd2 1105

 Train 9659 Östersund-Gävle

 Östersund is the base for Inlandsbanan company and their trains
 Here are the Y1 trains from Inlandsbanan

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