Saturday, September 28, 2019

Fristad, Viskafors, Sandared

Today I'm traveling to Västra Götaland region, I will visit 3 stations around Borås.
 Today I will take MTR Express

 X74 002 "Ingvar" named after Swedish TV celebrity Ingvar Oldsberg

 1st section of the train looks like all the others but with less passengers
 Breakfast is included just as when traveling with SJ
 Almost as fancy as SJ breakfast, but the sandwich is already prepared
 Arriving at Herrljunga

 X12 3215

 TMX 1004 with a car with equipment for cleaning the tracks from the leaves

 X40 and a freight train with a pair of Rd2

 X14 3238

 After traveling from Herrljunga along the Älvsborgsbanan I'm arriving at Fristad
 Fristad station

 Memory plate celebrating 150 years of BHJ

 Not many trains here today, so I'm taking a bus from Fristad to Borås

 Borås station

 X14 3240
 X52 9041
 SJ Regional train from Kalmar
 Rc6 1420
 My next train is from Borås to Viskafors

 Viskadalsbanan railway between Borås and Varberg will be closed for maintenance from August 2020 until August 2021, so I'm visiting it before reconstruction. The renovation will include new rails, sleepers, and catenary and will make it possible for freight trains to use the line.



 River Viskan

 Y1 passing by

 Famous people from Viskafors

 Back to Borås
 X11 3212

 Second TMX today, this one is actually a bit longer and stronger, called TMY
 TMY 1105

 Arriving at Sandared

 3rd station today with the remained station building

 After visiting the 3 stations around Borås, I'm on my way back to Herrljunga

 Freight train waiting

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