Saturday, August 31, 2019

Löcknamon, Vedevåg

On the last day of this summer, I'm visiting some places around Närke region.
 First, the railway "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" and a place near Löcknamon.
 Train 5110 from Malmö to Hallsberg

 Rd2 1103

 Tåg i Bergslagen near Runsala/Dunsjö
 SJ Regional near Säbylund
 Vedevåg, the station house was located to the left here but was destroyed in 2006
 Former TGOJ railway, now it is named Bergslagsbanan
 The line is operated by "Tåg i Bergslagen" line Hallsberg-Borlänge-Gävle.
 X51 9021

 Few km north of Vedevåg I find a spot overlooking Bergslagsbanan when train 9133 is approaching
 Train 9133 Borlänge-Oxelösund
 The train is usually operated with two Traxx locomotives, previously with DB/Green Cargo livery, now with only Green Cargo after the separation of the cooperation between the two companies.
 Traxx F140 AC2 locomotives previously named as 185 XXX, now has a designation Br 5XXX
 Here is Br 5334 and Br 5332

 X52 9017 from "Transitio" - which is a leasing company for most of the regional trains in Sweden.

 Train 9138 in the reverse direction of train 9133, i.e. from Oxelösund to Borlänge
 This time with two Rc4 instead of Traxx locomotives
 Rc4 1303 and 1302

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