Friday, August 2, 2019

Stenstorp, Trädet, Ambjörnarp

It's only 2 days since I returned from my Europe trip, and now it's time again to travel - this time only to the south of Sweden, Malmö, and Skåne.
I'm on my way from Närke to Skåne, the first stop is here at the Stenstorp station, which is located at Västra Stambanan railway.
X40 train as SJ Regional Göteborg-Stockholm

The station here in Stenstorp opened in 1859 at the same time as the opening of Västra Stambanan. The station was also a junction point for narrow gauge railways to Hjo and Skara-Lidköping.


Train 9054 from Göteborg to Borlänge

The train has so-called SECU containers.

SECU, Stora Enso Cargo Unit, is a type of intermodal container (shipping container) built to transport bulk cargo like paper on railway and ship. A SECU looks like a standard 40-foot ISO Container but is bigger, measuring 13.8×3.6×3.6 m and which can carry 80 tonnes of cargo. This is compared to the normal 12.2×2.7×2.4 m size and 26.5-tonne capacity of an ISO Container.
A SECU is too big and heavy to be transported on road (ISO-Containers are designed to fit roads), and instead, they are transported only by railway and ship.
The benefit is that their much higher weight reduces the number of containers and therefore reduces handling costs. The drawback is that special solutions are needed.
They are invented and used by Stora Enso (forest and paper company). The ports used are mainly in production countries like Finland (Kotka, Oulu) and Sweden (Gothenburg) and in consumer countries Belgium (Zeebrugge), UK (Tilbury, Immingham) and Germany (Lübeck). (Wikipedia)

Rc4 1190

Dalén museum.

Nils Gustaf Dalén was a Swedish Nobel Laureate and industrialist, engineer, inventor and long-term CEO of the AGA company and inventor of the AGA cooker and the Dalén light. In 1912 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his "invention of automatic regulators for use in conjunction with gas accumulators for illuminating lighthouses and buoys". Dalén was born in Stenstorp, a small village in Falköping Municipality, Västra Götaland County.  (Wikipedia)
The only train type that does stop here is the Västtåg regional service between Göteborg and Skövde.
X53 3266

From Falköping, I'm following what was once the line Falköping-Landeryd, part of HNJ railway. The railway was named Västra Centralbanan, it opened in 1906 and was closed in 1989.
The railway is now a bicycle path for most of its route. The map of the railway can be found here
Parts of Slutarp station
Former Slutarp station house


Kinnarp station

Åsarp station

Old houses near Trädet station


Blidsberg station

Midsommarstång (Maypole)


One of the most important stations along the line - Ulricehamn
The station connected the line to Borås and Jönköping with the line Falköping-Landeryd

No trains here today, only buses

Arriving at Limmared station which is today operated only by the line Kalmar-Göteborg (Kust till kust)

Rc6 1412 and SJ Regional train from Kalmar to Göteborg

At Almbjörnarp it is possible to use the draisine for the remaining parts of the railway


The tracks are still in place until Sjötofta

Last but not least - Malmö

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