Monday, June 5, 2017

Vretstorp, Jakobshyttan, Hallsberg

 Today I'll spend a day around Hallsberg - one of the busiest railway places and a junction between north/south "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" railway and east/west "Västra Stambanan" railway.
 I'll start with Västra Stambanan near Vretstorp. Here is an X40 train to Göteborg.

 X40 trains meets here between Hallsberg and Laxå. The other train is heading to Stockholm.

 Rd2 1093 is a modernised version of Rc2. The locomotive was built 1972 and was modernised 2011.
 Train 15435 to Göteborg Skandiaharbour

 X2 from Göteborg

 I'm switching now from Västra Stambanan to Godsstråket genom Bergslagen railway, the part between Hallsberg and Mjölby.
 The railway is currently being upgraded to double track standard.
 Train 61203 from Hallsberg to Gamlarp intermodal terminal outside Nässjö.
 Hectorrail 241.003 "Organa" is a Bombardier Traxx F140 AC2 locomotive from 2007
 The railway upgrade part between Stenkumla and Dunsjö will be completed in 2019.
 The railway between Hallsberg and Mjölby is used primarily by freight trains, the only exception is Tåg i Bergslagen line from Gävle to Mjölby.
 X51 9008
 Train 14617 from Hallsberg to Malmö
 Rc4 1172
 At Dunsjö, the railway is rebuilt partially to remove the curves.
 The railway part from Dunsjö to Jakobshyttan will be rebuilt during 2020-2023.

 Train 5360 from Nässjö to Hallsberg
 Rd2 1099

 Railway near Jakobshyttan was rebuilt 2014 to have a passing loop. Here is same X51 9008 I saw earlier, it is now returning from Mjölby to Hallsberg.
 Train 47540 from Lessebo to Kristinehamn
 Tågab Rc2ÖBB 007

 Freight train is waiting for the passenger train
 X51 9012

 Train 64614 from Karlshamn to Borlänge
 The transport is LNG to SSAB in Borlänge, provided by E.ON and Green Cargo.
 Rc4 1161

 I have found a perfect spot for train watching, however it requires some patience as there might be long time between each train. But, at the end during my 3 hours here I could see 7 freight and 3 passenger trains.
 Some nature photos while waiting for the next train

 X51 9014 "Torsten Ehrenmark"

 Train 44668 from Bro to Malmö

 TXL 185.678, Bombardier Traxx F140 AC2

 The train carries containers for the retail chain Coop.

 Train 40971 Hallsberg-Malmö

 Hectorrail 441.002 "Croft" Siemens Eurosprinter ES 64 F4

 The train have to take the passing loop track to let another freight train pass.

 Train 15200 Malmö-Hallsberg
 Rc4 1154

 Train 5619 Hallsberg-Malmö

 Rd2 1099 (same as I earlier saw in Dunsjö)

 Freigh wagon from PKPCargo

 A very short freight train 40978 from Malmö to Hallsberg
 Hectorrail 441.001 "Cyborg" Siemens Eurosprinter

 I'm swtiching back to Västra Stambanan, at the east side of Hallsberg.
 X74 "MTRExpress" to Stockholm
 Hallsberg church in the background

 SJ Regional train with Rc6 locomotive

 A deer in the field nearby
 It took some before it saw me
 Then it ran away

 X55 to Stockholm

 X2 in double traction to Göteborg

 X2 to Karlstad

 I'm now just north of Hallsberg at the railway to Örebro
 Hallsberg station not far away
 X54 9068
 Train 8246 Hallsberg-Örebro

 Train 179 Stockholm-Göteborg

 Train 9140 Nässjö-Smedjebacken

 Rd2 1082

 Transport to Ovako steel in Smedjebacken
 Train 62247 from Örebro to Sävenäs operated by Nordiska Tåg AB
 Ma 962 from 1959
 X54 9056 Laxå-Örebro
 Kirow multitasker
 T43 230 from Svensk Tågkraft

 Train 6645 from Eskilstuna to Hallsberg

 Rc4 1151

 Train 184 Göteborg-Stockholm
 Train 28924 Charlottenberg-Örebro
 X53 9049
 Train 749 Stockholm-Hallsberg
 Train 48653 Fliskär-Kristinehamn
 Tågab Rc2ÖBB 010

 Train 5694 Hallsberg-Ånge

 Rd2 1115

Time to ride home

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