Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Krampen, Dagarn, Horndal

Today I'm watching trains in 3 places along "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" railway.
 First I'm visiting Krampen
 Once there was a beautiful train station building, not anymore

 Train 5775 from Borlänge to Hallsberg
 Two Rd2 locomotives

 Next is 5690 Hallsberg-Ånge
 This train is taking off to the passing loop, to let other trains pass
 Rc4 1262

 Train 8115 Gävle-Örebro

 Train 15081 Boden-Hallsberg

 Lupinus - a railway flower
 15761 Borlänge-Hallsberg

 After letting 3 trains pass, it is time to leave for this one
 Further north is Dagarn, which has its station still in place

 Train 5027 Boden-Hallsberg



 Fors has a stop for Tåg i Bergslagen trains

 Horndals bruk

 5869 Gävle-Hallsberg

 14602 Hallsberg-Umeå

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