Saturday, June 24, 2017

Arctic Rail Express, Tågab

Today I'll spot Arctic Rail Express freight rain and some Tågab passenger trains.
 I'm located in Svartå, at the eastern part of the Värmlandsbanan railway.
 X2 train from Oslo to Stockholm

 The train I'm waiting for is arriving in 30min, so I have to check out the nature

 Here it is, according to schedule
 The line is 1950km long and takes 26.5h between Oslo and Narvik.
 Operated by CargoNet

 Bombardier Traxx F140 AC2 185 710-2
 In Svartå there is a meeting with another CargoNet train - this one from Oslo to Göteborg

 Tågab train to Falun
 Rc3 1066 + AB3 + AB3 + BS5 + BC2

 Tågab to Göteborg
 Rc3 1062 + B1 + ABS5 + R2 + B5 + B7

Same train later next day at Degerfors station

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