Saturday, November 19, 2016


Today I'm visiting Uppsala to see the outdoor light festival "All ljus på Uppsala".
First I'm visiting Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala)
Gamla Uppsala is located 4km north of Uppsala
Last train stopped here in 1962

One of three royal mounds
The old railway is passing through the old Uppsala village and has only a single track, it was decided to built a tunnel to increase the capacity and remove the railway from the village. The new railway will open in 2017.
The railway traffic is busy here
Upptåget line is passing here every 15min.
X52 train

One of the reason to move the railway into a tunnel is this railway crossing.

Restaurant Odinsborg
X40 SJ Regional for service Gävle-Linköping

Uppsala Mosque, constructed in 1995

Uppsala Cathedral, the tallest church in Nordic countries

The light festival is arranged every November from 2008. "Its twin aims are to get residents and visitors out into the city in one of the year’s darkest months and to show off new technology and interesting ways of working with light."
"Centre of the universe"


"Visual at the Walmstedt House"
"The Cathedral"


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