Saturday, November 26, 2016

Barkarby, Kallhäll, Kungsängen

Today I'm checking out the upgraded part of Mälarbanan railway between Barkarby and Kungsängen. The part between Barkarby and Kallhäll has been rebuilt to have 4 tracks instead of 2, the project was has been ongoing since 2012, and it is has been completed now at the end of 2016.
The main goal is to increase the capacity by separating the slow pendeltåg (commuter trains) and fast regional trains.
The new Barkarby station.

The new station is now open

The station has a new bigger platform, and the long term plan is to make this station into a hub between pendeltåg (commuter train), regional trains, and metro in the future as Stockholm Väst (West) station.
New information displays
Nearby is the old airport now in process to be rebuilt into new district called Barkarbystaden, with 18000 residential built by 2030.

Commuter line Västerhaninge (Nynäshamn) - Kungsängen (Bålsta).

Until December 12, a regional train is stopping here, it is Tåg i Bergslagen line Stockholm-Ludvika operated by Tågkompaniet. From December 12 this line is being overtaken by SJ as the operator, since they are already operating the line between Stockholm-Västerås, the line to Ludvika will be starting from Västerås instead of a Stockholm.
X51 train for Ludvika. Tågkompaniet sign in the front is now removed.
Read more about this line in my next post.
Last time this train can be viewed here.
SJ Regional Stockholm-Västerås is normally operated with X40 train.
From December 12th the direct line Stockholm-Ludvika will be operated only once per day with X40 train.


The station has been recently awarded as the construction of the year in Järfälla municipality.

The station has through and terminus platforms, the latter ones occupied with X10 trains parked.
As the new Citybanan tunnel in Stockholm will become open 10th of July 2017, these type of trains will be scrapped. They will not be able to be used as the platform doors in the new tunnel stations are adapted only for X60 trains.

Mälarbanan was modernised between 1990-2001 for the section Kallhäll-Kolbäck, with new tunnels and bridges. Here is one of them - Stäketbron.

The bridge close to Kungsängen station.

Kungsängen has already 4 tracks. Here is X40 taking over the X60 train.

Another X51

Kallhäll district view from Kungsängen

X40 for Västerås

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